What is the best way to create a website in a day?

You may have noticed that “Websites in a Day” are kind of a big thing lately. Cool right?

As the Design in a Day™ originals, we’re actually kind of excited to see how popular this concept is. For folks needing a web design, there’s a Squarespace website in a day package for every budget. As long as people don’t use our content or name, Team SM+Co is happy to see other people adopting this model! This means that fast, efficient design is getting more widely accepted and we have fewer people balking at the concept.

If more people embrace actually launching instead of a tedious, endless process to launch a Squarespace or WordPress website, we all win!

So what sets our Design in a Day™ website design and development package apart these days?

Well, besides our updated content creation course (which gets you prepared to great content for your site rather just guessing at the right content), your strategy call with me to dive into your website goals and outcomes (you can’t design a website without one! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), live training and edits with Kath and a proven process means every clients is a success story, you also get three to six months 100 percent free access to our Ungross Marketing membership after launch. (By the way: If you’re already a member, you get a discount on a site if you subscribe annually.)

You get to meet other cool business owners like you who are excited about creating content on the two online properties they own and can leverage: their websites and their email lists.

And you get monthly live workshops with both myself and Kath and support through the month from us and other community members on our members-only Slack channel. I’m going to be a bit arrogant here and say no one else offers support and real, practical education like this. We’re all about doing and moving forward—no manifesting or mindset stuff allowed! It’s real, nuts and bolts work!

Check out the archive below:

Why is the marketing education and community component of Design in a Day™ so critical?

Because much of the time, when you launch a website you are faced with two possible paths, both of which we think kind of stink:

  1. An ongoing monthly maintenance package where a designer or developer does “updates” for you but there’s little or no strategy; or
  2. You’re on your own.

Our team believes this is the wrong way to think about websites, which places them as an end product, not a start of something powerful and practical. Once you have a killer website that achieves your business goals, then it’s time to start marketing strategically and building your authority online. When we eavesdrop on chatter online (don’t do this in your industry? you should!), we see over and over again that people say their websites “didn’t work” or “nothing happened” after they launched. That’s because they didn’t have support and guidance to ensure their success and their websites and associated marketing becomes overwhelming and frustrating.

We aim to solve that problem with our Ungross Marketing Community membership.

(For the record, we do have an updates package for our DIAD™ alums, but it’s an as needed thing, not an ongoing commitment.)

So, what do we—the original Design in a Day™ team—think about the rise of websites done in a day? We think it’s great—and hope you do too!

Disclosure: Please note that some links on this website are affiliate links, which generates a small amount of revenue to support the free content we provide.

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