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Ready to move your business to the next level?

You don’t need another one size fits all formula that isn't tailored to your vision for the impact you're dreaming about.

We’ll partner with you to make that vision a streamlined, achievable reality. Laser-focused strategy plus beautifully done for you implementation in our one of a kind marketing solution, the Aligned Authority™ Accelerator. 


The Accelerator leverages our proven* framework empowers you with a custom, strategic marketing game plan.

Say goodbye to guesswork and misaligned marketing tactics. We’ll show you the way with, Spark Sessions, a done for you SEO-first marketing strategy—in complete sync with your big-picture vision and long term goals, and a month-long retainer with team SM&Co.

This is how you make a big, long-lasting impact—and that’s what we all want, right? 

Each and every one of our 1:1 Accelerator clients receive (click through to learn about each item a la carte):

*Seriously, it’s the result of over two decades of in-house and client experience. When we say proven, we mean it. 

Search Marketing Framework

Done for you marketing meeting you where you're at (but never losing sight of where you want to be)

Our goal is to partner with you to design an evergreen, sustainable, longterm online marketing strategy and create the tools that take you as far as you want to go. 

We start by creating your Aligned Authority™ Game Plan. This is your roadmap for an evergreen, search-first, ethical Movement Marketing strategy that leaves you focused on your goals, fluent in your marketing strategy, and flourishing as you set aside tactics that no longer serve you—and go all in on those that do. Then, our skilled team gets to work implementing the key foundational elements you need to succeed.

Your experience is 100 percent customized to meet your goals and match your capacity.

You’ll work with us in a three stage process:

Number 1

The biggest reason we developed our Aligned Authority™ marketing model is that we saw too many brilliant clients skip foundational steps—which made all the tools in the marketing toolkit, from their websites to their email marketing, harder. Our first stop in this journey—prior to creating any assets—is creating clarity around the what, why, and who of your marketing strategy. It’s essential for setting you up for success. 

Number 2

From keywords to calls to action, it’s all content. Ready to elevate your brand? Need your website to convert more visitors to leads? Aiming to rank on page one of Google? That’s all possible with the right content strategy. That’s why it’s one of the core steps of our methodology and why every single one of our clients—no matter their level of investment—walks away with content strategy and search engine optimization.

Number 3

Our final step ties our previous work together, ensuring your visual presentation and services presentation/model align beautifully with your content strategy and overarching marketing movement. We call this “the fun stuff” and it’s all part of ensuring your brand and marketing are true, meaningful, and distinctive. 

"My business wouldn’t be where it is today without Sarah and her team. I first hired Sarah Moon & Co for a website design project almost a decade ago. What sets Sarah apart is that she’s a super savvy business strategist. I can honestly say that no one has done more to put me on the right path."

Sarah Moon | Portland Movement Marketing Consultant
Meet Your Marketing Strategist

Hello, thought leader!

On behalf of Team SM&Co, I’m delighted you’ve found us. This is the first step in developing a sustainable, evergreen marketing strategy—and creating the tools to make it all happen.

I always say we do things a bit differently around here, and that’s because we see over and over again that the most visionary companies and organizations are too often their industries’ best-kept secret. They’re doing incredible work, and yet they’ve only reached a tiny fraction of the audience that needs to know about them. 

That’s where we step in.

We use a unique framework to leverage the power of Google search, combine that with content strategy, and a sprinkling of our design smarts to move the needle to raise your profile and develop your Aligned Authority™. To the best of my knowledge, no one else uses this methodology—and yet, it’s accessible and achievable in a way that other marketing strategies simply are not.

If you’re ready for your marketing to help you get visible in a fresh and exciting way, we’d love to meet you. 

1:1 Marketing Accelerator Nuts & Bolts

Are we a great match?

This is perfect for you if:

You may not be ready if:

"Hiring you was/is the best choice for my business. It's truly changed how I get clients and how I am found by my clients. And I am getting clients that are an exact fit for my business, who are willing to pay my prices without question..."

— Alyssa Hill, Threshold Healing —

Make it Happen in the Aligned Authority™ accelerator

Our SEO-Driven Marketing & Business Strategy Services

Thought Leader

Thought Leader is the perfect fit for personal brands and emerging businesses—we designed this tier specifically for you. In addition to a marketing strategy focused on 3-5 action areas from our movement marketing framework, we’ll use our popular SEO Boost methodology to optimize your search-based marketing on your website and optimize your text for Google. Depending on your platform, you may receive the bonus of design fine-tuning and done for you conversion optimization. Plus, all Thought Leaders will receive at least one SEO-driven content framework. 

Investment: $2,750/mo x 3 months (10% discount paid in advance: $7,500) Timeframe: Three Months 

  à la carte value: $13,950

Mover Shaker

Mover Shaker encompasses what most people think of when they invest in done for you marketing—in fact, we developed this level by combining the most popular items from services. In addition to a marketing and SEO strategy focusing on approximately six areas, we typically create a brand new website, co-creative copy, done for you SEO implementation, new branding (as needed), and content marketing planning. This solution is designed for growing businesses who need all the pieces to support their goals. If you have a small, ambitious team, you’ll love Mover Shaker.

Investment: custom quote
Timeframe: varies



Game Changer

Our team calls Game Changer “The Works” for a reason! This is everything in Mover Shaker, plus an agreed upon span of retainer services. In addition to a complete marketing and SEO strategy focusing on all nine priority areas, we create a tailored plan and implement what you need to position your business or organization for the next level or for an owner’s exit. This can include a new, sophisticated website, copywriting, brand development, a new lead magnet and nurture sequence, digital asset inventory, content planning, SEO implementation, member area or customer resource center setup, productized service strategy, or other custom marketing or business strategy.

Investment: custom quote
Timeframe: varies

Questions & Answers

We know this an innovative approach to marketing, websites, and search engine optimization—so we’ve answered your most common questions below. Got a question not listed here? Please drop us a line!

We’re all about pricing transparency here—you can find each option on our site. Here’s the breakdown (as of spring 2023):

  • Spark Sessions – $2,950
  • SEO Intensive (Foundations) – $4,500
  • SEO Intensive (Content Strategy) – $4,500
  • Month-long strategy/advisory retainer (past clients exclusive) – $2,000

This is a total of $13,950 in real value when you bundle it all together in the Accelerator. 

Most importantly: We’ve intentionally created a service that allows flexibility so we can meet you where you’re at.

You’ll receive an evergreen, tailor-made movement marketing strategy, powered by our human-centered search engine optimization methodology. This is delivered in a Notion workspace and you can copy and save it to your own workspace (Notion is a free platform you can customize to your heart’s content). 

The content of your plan will vary depending on your priorities, business, and capacity. You’ll also receive thorough explainer videos, as well as access to our ever-growing resource library. 

Each level also includes tailored done for you services, such as SEO implementation, website design, brand design, lead magnet creation, copywriting, content planning, or intensive 1:1 strategy with Sarah.

We are! But the center of what we do has ALWAYS been marketing strategy. 

In fact, our clients have always gotten top notch strategy as part of their website design. We’ve spent years codifying our approach—some of the implementation of which being websites—and as a result have a uniquely comprehensive approach to both marketing strategy and website design.

Need a website? It’s handled! SEO? No problem! Copy? Done and dusted! We’ll help match you with the tier of the Accelerator that meets your goes.

That can be part of this process! Our Thought Leaders get our amazing Website Boost process, taking what you have and making it even better, while Mover Shakers and Game Changers receive a whole new brand and website, amongst other awesome done for you features. This is designed a complete wraparound solution that we know so many of our clients need, which is why we start everyone’s process with strategy. 

Learn about our approach to website design over here.

Absolutely! You will work with our team entire time, and we’ll be focused on you. 

You’ll work with Sarah and the team for three months. Some clients add additional services onto their work with us, and in those cases, the timeline expands. Send us a note and we’d be happy to talk timing.

That’s the way we’ve designed the Accelerator. We create the strategy, and then do the work. 

There are three core clients who will get the most out of this intensive:

  • “Personal brands” (such an icky word). If you’re looking at building your authority so you can appear on speaking stages, be an expert at conferences, or write a book, this can be an incredible foundational strategy. 
  • Boundary-pushing businesses. If you’re reinventing your industry and doing things a whole lot differently than the competition, then you’re in the right place.
  • Nonprofits, causes, and foundations. If you’re ready to do things differently, you’ll love this process. Our team has extensive experience in leadership roles in this industry and we love bringing that to clients’ organizations. 

We do not typically work with ecommerce brands, though we are able to work with ecommerce CEOs who are building their personal brands. 

Please read our values page to understand more about what makes a right fit client. 

The short story? Search drives one THOUSAND percent more organic traffic than social media. The numbers tell a very compelling tale.

The long story? We believe in evergreen marketing that make your job easier in the long run. Personally, Sarah used search to grow SM&Co from a one person freelance business serving local clients, to an agency serving clients globally. We believe in this framework because it’s been our foundation for over a decade. 

We’ll get you ready! We’ve dedicated countless hours to developing our proprietary marketing model and our accompanying workbook. It’s good stuff that will help you get ready. 

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, there’s always our Spark Sessions program to set you on the right path for the next six months. You can always upgrade to the Accelerator in the future!

You can find pricing right here.

The current (spring 2023) rate for the Thought Leader Accelerator is $7,500 USD when pre-paid and $2,750 when paid monthly. The à la carte value is $13,950 USD.

We offer three tiers to fit a variety of budgets and businesses. Please refer to our pricing section to get the details, or reach out to talk further about budgets, payment plans, and more.

To get a sense of what it’s like working with us, we recommend you take a look at our values, subscribe to Sarah’s weekly newsletter, and consider booking a one-off strategy session with Sarah to get a sense of what it’s like working with us. 

We’ve been there! That’s why we make sure this is a 100% perfect fit. Apply and we’ll discuss if it’s right for you, which level makes the most sense—and we’ll guide you towards resources if it’s not the right time.  

Absolutely! We encourage you to involve your team. However, this is not a process to simply delegate—you much be engaged as a leader to get the most out of the Accelerator.

If you truly cannot take these steps, paid ads are likely a better strategy. While we love leveraging the work we do as content drivers for ads, we are not an advertising agency and recommend you work with someone specializing in that field. 

That depends on way too many individual factors:

  1. Your industry
  2. How quickly you implement our recommendations
  3. Seasonal trends and current events

However, we have seen clients have results in weeks to months. Data indicates that pure SEO work typically takes about six months to really take off, but again, that’s highly variable.

You may also want to check out our Spark Sessions program, which can be a great starting point as well. 

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