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Strategic Marketing

Like you've never experienced before

We all know that getting found by the RIGHT audience is crucial to creating long-lasting impact—to changing the game in your industry, community, and beyond. 

It’s time to think big, really big. Like starting a movement big.

This is why we created our Aligned Authority™ Accelerator.

A strategic 1:1 Intensive powered by our SEO-fueled Movement marketing magic

The Accelerator leverages our proven* framework empowers you with a custom, strategic marketing game plan.

You don’t need another one size fits all formula that isn’t tailored to your vision for the impact you’re dreaming about.

Say goodbye to have to guessing at the right keywords, positioning, content, and brand expression. Get off that social media treadmill that’s got you on the fast track to marketing burnout. Stop trying all the things, hoping something fits. Instead, we’ll show you the way with an SEO-first marketing strategy—in complete top-to-bottom alignment with your big-picture vision.

This is how you start a marketing movement.

*Seriously, it’s the result of over two decades of in-house and client strategy. When we say proven, we mean it. 

Meet our Framework
The Accelerator
Supercharge your evergreen marketing.

Your Aligned Authority™ Game Plan is your roadmap for an evergreen, search-first Movement Marketing strategy that leaves you focused on your goals, fluent in your marketing strategy, and flourishing as you set aside tactics that no longer serve you—and go all in on those that do.  

While each client’s experience is 100 percent customized to meet their goals and match their capacity, we know you’ll love some of these universal elements:

How It Works
30 Day Aligned Authority™ Accelerator

Once we decide to work together, you’ll receive a deep-dive workbook to help us understand your aspirations, what’s worked, and why you do what you. 

Whether you’re an individual thought leader or a large organization, these questions are designed to prompt introspection and draw out stories that will help us pinpoint your unique perspective. 


Then, you’ll deep dive with our team in an intensive session to clearly assess where you’re at, and define your destination—the movement that fuels all of your marketing. 

This intensive is fun, interactive, and wildly clarifying. You’ll be surprised how much you laugh and have, to quote Oprah, “Aha moments.” 


Team SM&Co gets to work researching the best next steps for your SEO-fueled movement marketing game plan. This includes the crucial tactical components, such as high value keywords targeting problem- and solution-aware audiences, a fresh Google-friendly content plan, and additional recommendations just for you (remember, no formulas allowed). 

We package this all in an accessible format, prioritized to help you and your team avoid the dreaded decision fatigue.  


We dig into your plan together, making sure it is 100 percent aligned, and that your goals, values, and capacity all fit together perfectly. 

At at point, we’ll also discuss your next best steps and how to make the most of the remainder of our time working together. 


Throughout the rest of the month, we’re there every step of the way, with support, eyes on any work you and your team does, and to give your team members or virtual assistant advice on how they can best bring the marketing vision to life. 

(Evergreen marketing is a group project, after all.)


Regardless of whether you take over all your marketing following our 30 days together, or if you stick with us as your strategic advisors or done for you marketing agency, you’ll have access to our ever-growing, epic client resource library, and your custom, interactive Game Plan, which we’ll update at the end of our time together.

Marketing is as much a habit as a craft (and habits take awhile to develop), and Team SM&Co wants to make sure you’re cultivating that habit. 

After the accelerator, we don't leave you hanging.

When we’ve finished our 30 days together, you have all the tools in your toolbox to move forward on your own—and that’s an awesome choice, especially if you’ve got an in-house team or excellent virtual assistant dedicated to your marketing (pro tip: ask for our recommendations). However, for folks who need more support, we’re here for you. You have three paths to follow, and you can move across each tier as your needs change—adaptability is the name of the game here. 

- Impact CMO -

Think of Team SM&Co like a Chief Marketing Officer in your back pocket.

Each month you meet with us for a deep focus strategy session, and update your Aligned Authority™ Game Plan. Team SM&Co will review your work and answer questions from you and your team, and support you in the nitty gritty such as keywords, and for brainstorming how to overcome challenges along the way.

(Min. 2 month initial commitment.)

- Agency Services -

Our agency-level services provide you with a monthly done for you scope of co-creative work defined in your Game Plan.

You’ll work with our team to implement your marketing strategy. Our team will devote two intensives to implementing the vision we co-create. Agency level service includes high-impact work such as website design, brand strategy, copy, sales funnel design—you get the picture. 

(Min. 2 month initial commitment.)

- À La Carte -

For folks who just need some help now and again, our Accelerator clients receive special pricing on our one-off services, as well as priority scheduling of your projects.

This includes clients-only access to our intensives for website updates, lead magnet design, content planning, search engine optimization, sales page design/content, and both ongoing and one-off consulting services. 

(Contact SM&Co for details.)

Questions & Answers

We know this an innovative approach to marketing—so we’ve answered your most common questions below. Got a question not listed here? Please drop us a line!

You’ll receive an evergreen, tailor-made movement marketing strategy, powered by our human-centered search engine optimization methodology. This is delivered in a Notion workspace and you can copy and save it to your own workspace (Notion is a free platform you can customize to your heart’s content). 

The content of your plan will vary depending on your priorities, business, and capacity. You’ll also receive thorough explainer videos, as well as access to our ever-growing resource library. 

Absolutely! You will work with our entire time, and we’ll be focused on you. 

If you’re interested in a group format, we will be offering that later this year. You can join the waitlist right here.

In some cases, yes—in others, we can make referrals to other awesome professionals who can take care of you. 

There are two ways to work with Team SM&Co on implementation: 

  • For larger projects, your best option is our Agency level service retainer, which requires a minimum of a two month commitment. 
  • If your needs are more intermittent, our a la carte services will make more sense, and our Accelerator “alums” receive a special rate for our individual services.

There are three core clients who will get the most out of this intensive:

  • “Personal brands” (such an icky word). If you’re looking at building your authority so you can appear on speaking stages, be an expert at conferences, or write a book, this can be an incredible foundational strategy. 
  • Boundary-pushing small businesses. If you’re reinventing your industry and doing things a whole lot differently than the competition, then you’re in the right place.
  • Nonprofits, causes, and foundations. If you’re ready to do things differently, you’ll love this process. Our team has extensive experience in leadership roles in this industry and we love bringing that to clients’ organizations. 

We do not typically work with ecommerce brands, though we are able to work with ecommerce CEOs who are building their personal brands. 

Please read our values page to understand more about what makes a right fit client. 

The short story? Search drives one THOUSAND percent more organic traffic than social media. The numbers tell a very compelling tale.

The long story? We believe in evergreen marketing that make your job easier in the long run. Personally, Sarah used search to grow SM&Co from a one person freelance business serving local clients, to an agency serving clients globally. We believe in this framework because it’s been our foundation for over a decade. 

In order to account for the different scopes of work for varying company sizes, we offered tiered pricing based on your revenue and team size. Fees start at $5,500 (micro businesses under $250,000 in revenue annually and individual thought leaders) and range up to $8,500 for small businesses and organizations. Large companies and organizations require a custom project scope.

Payment plans are available upon request. In full transparency, we expect that the fees will increase by Q3 of 2022.

You may also bundle the Accelerator with our individual services, at a special rate for Accelerator clients. 

To get a sense of what it’s like working with us, we recommend you take a look at our values, subscribe to Sarah’s weekly newsletter, and consider booking a one-off strategy session with Sarah to get a sense of what it’s like working with us. 

Absolutely! We encourage you to involve your team. However, this is not a process to simply delegate—you much be engaged as a leader to get the most out of the Accelerator.

If you truly cannot take these steps, paid ads are likely a better strategy. While we love leveraging the work we do as content drivers for ads, we are not an advertising agency and recommend you work with someone specializing in that field. 

That depends on way too many individual factors:

  1. Your industry
  2. How quickly you implement our recommendations
  3. Seasonal trends and current events

However, we have seen clients have results in weeks to months. Data indicates that pure SEO work typically takes about six months to really take off, but again, that’s highly variable.

Get our free asset inventory guide & template!

One of the biggest challenges many of our clients have is streamlining their systems. The first step in that direction is creating an asset inventory. We’ve developed a guide and template to make that process so much easier. Grab it at the link below.