Alignthority™ Accelerator

Ethical Marketing Consulting for Thought Leaders & Change Makers

Are you ready to move your business to the next level—without selling out?

You don’t need another one size fits all formula, cookie cut approach, or agency that’s ready to fit you into a box—not when your vision is big and bold. 

We’d love to partner with you to make that vision a streamlined, achievable reality. Laser-focused strategy plus beautifully done for you implementation in our one of a kind marketing solution, the Alignthority™ Accelerator. 

If you’re ready to get found, raise your voice, and go all in, let’s talk about the Alignthority™ Accelerator. 

Ever feel like modern marketing doesn't fit quite right?

You’re not alone.

I hear this over and over again from clients—tactics are misaligned, their vision isn’t maintained, and their brand integrity is eroded. 

Let’s say goodbye to all of that. 

Our three-part Alignthority™ Accelerator is the clear, sustainable, strategic marketing approach you’ve been waiting for. 

Over three months together, we’ll make big moves with a right-fit strategy, using our signature Alignthority ™ System that’s both flexible and sustainable. 

You’re going to love it—promise!

.01 Spark Sessions

It starts with a spark.
Over three workshops, we'll lay the groundwork for our partnership. This means clarify your goals, creating your core message, and designing your perfect fit content and thought leadership plan with discoverability and repurposing potential at top of mind.

.02 Search Strategy Intensive

Get found, get paid.
Our team knows our way around the search engine—and we also know that the vast majority of SEO strategies fail knowledge businesses—if you're a consultant, coach, attorney, creative, or service provider, that's you. Our Search Strategy Intensive is designed differently and to speak to your highest and best clients every step of the way.

.03 Advisory Retainer

Choose your own adventure.
Our work together is intense, and it's guaranteed to result in new ideas and next steps you can't wait to get started on. The good news? You get a month of our team's support to get that done. Want to develop a quiz? Write a galvanizing thought leadership series? Rework your services? We've got your back.

Make the Connection
We want every client to be a success story. That's why after you apply to become an Accelerator client, we'll first schedule a get to know you Zoom session to talk through your goals and make sure it's a perfect fit.
It's Official!
Once you're ready to move forward, sign the contract and make a payment.This outlines are time working together so that we are on the same page.
Collaborate on the Alignthority Workbook
This dive into your business sets the stage for our work together. In a collaborative Google Doc, we'll explore your backstory, aspirations, what's working, and what could be a bit easier. Clients tell us this workbook alone is invaluable! It's yours to keep and update for years to come.
Get Sparked
Three 1:1 workshops will identify your priorities, purpose, and goals. Using a collaborative Notion board, we'll map out your strategy together—and you and your team can take this work and adapt it as you grow.
SEO Intensive
It's time to get found! With your overarching strategy in hand, our team will optimize your website for your audience's core challenge and aspiration, plus create a sophisticated thought leadership-forward content strategy to fuel your SEO funnel.
Choose Your Adventure
Your final month is a flexible retainer in which we support you. From lead magnet development to pricing strategy and offer development, this is your time to get our support in your next move.
Ongoing Partnership
We offer quarterly and monthly strategy retainers exclusively to previous clients, as well as a la carte services at a special Accelerator "alum" rate.

"Working with Sarah Moon has taken 30 to 50% of my sales pipeline work and made it irrelevant because now I am getting Stripe dings from people who never even made it on my pipeline. She has amplified my thought leadership to such a degree that people want to work with me and they are silently looking and lurking and watching and buying without me having to do every single touch, every single call, every single day.

Working with Sarah has amplified my authority in ways that I had never imagined."

— Natalie Bullen, Unapologetic Wealth—

1:1 Marketing Accelerator Nuts & Bolts

Are we a great match?

This is perfect for you if:

You may not be ready if:

Hello, thought leader! (Yes, that’s you!) 

On behalf of Team SM&Co, I’m delighted you’ve found us. This is the first step in developing a sustainable, evergreen marketing strategy—and creating the tools to make it all happen.

I always say we do things a bit differently around here, and that’s because we see over and over again that the most visionary companies and organizations are too often their industries’ best-kept secret. They’re doing incredible work, and yet they’ve only reached a tiny fraction of the audience that needs to know about them. 

That’s where we step in.

We use a unique framework to leverage the power of Google search, combine that with content strategy, and a sprinkling messaging magic to move the needle to raise your profile and develop your Alignthority™.

No one else uses this methodology—and yet, it’s accessible and achievable in a way that other marketing strategies simply are not.

If you’re ready for your marketing to help you get visible in a fresh and exciting way, we’d love to meet you. 

Sarah Moon | Portland Movement Marketing Consultant
Questions & Answers

We know this an innovative approach to marketing, websites, and search engine optimization—so we’ve answered your most common questions below. Got a question not listed here? Please drop us a line!

The Accelerator is $11,000. Clients who pay in full receive a $1,000 discount, making it $10,000.

Yes, we offer 2, 3, and 6 month payment plans. Auto-pay is required for all payment plans.

We’re all about pricing transparency here—you can find each option on our site. Here’s the breakdown (as of spring 2024):

  • Spark Sessions – $3,750
  • SEO Intensive (Foundations) – $4,500
  • SEO Intensive (Content Strategy) – $4,500
  • Month-long strategy/advisory retainer (past clients exclusive) – $3,750

This is a total of over $16,000 in real value when you bundle it all together in the Accelerator. You also get access to any of our workshops and resources for you and your team! (Those workshops have a real value of several thousand dollars.)

Most important: We’ve intentionally created a service that allows flexibility so we can meet you where you’re at.

You’ll work with us for three months, first with Spark Sessions one on one with Sarah, then in our SEO intensive, and finally in a choose your own adventure support retainer for one month. 

When I said it’s right-fit, I meant it—we tailor the Accelerator for you, and where you’re at now. 

We do sometimes still do websites! But the center of what we do has ALWAYS been marketing strategy. 

In fact, our clients have always gotten top notch strategy as part of their website design. We’ve spent years codifying our approach and believe it’s mission critical that you start with a strategy. 

If you are in need of a website, that’s something we can discuss collaborating with you on after the Accelerator or connect you with one of our favorite designers! 

Absolutely! You will work with our team entire time, and we’ll be focused on you. 

You’ll work with Sarah and the team for three months. Some clients add additional services onto their work with us, and in those cases, the timeline expands. Send us a note and we’d be happy to talk timing.

There are three core clients who will get the most out of this intensive:

  • “Personal brands” (such an icky word). If you’re looking at building your authority so you can appear on speaking stages, be an expert at conferences, or write a book, this can be an incredible foundational strategy. 
  • Boundary-pushing businesses. If you’re reinventing your industry and doing things a whole lot differently than the competition, then you’re in the right place.
  • Nonprofits, causes, and foundations. If you’re ready to do things differently, you’ll love this process. Our team has extensive experience in leadership roles in this industry and we love bringing that to clients’ organizations. 

We do not typically work with ecommerce brands, though we are able to work with ecommerce CEOs who are building their personal brands. 

Please read our values page to understand more about what makes a right fit client. 

The short story? Search drives one THOUSAND percent more organic traffic than social media. The numbers tell a very compelling tale.

The long story? We believe in evergreen marketing that make your job easier in the long run. Personally, Sarah used search to grow SM&Co from a one person freelance business serving local clients, to an agency serving clients globally. We believe in this framework because it’s been our foundation for over a decade. 

We’ll get you ready! We’ve dedicated countless hours to developing our proprietary marketing model and our accompanying workbook. It’s good stuff that will help you get ready. 

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, there’s always our Spark Sessions program to set you on the right path for the next six months. You can always upgrade to the Accelerator in the future!

To get a sense of what it’s like working with us, we recommend you take a look at our values, subscribe to Sarah’s weekly newsletter, and consider booking a one-off strategy session with Sarah to get a sense of what it’s like working with us. 

We’ve been there! That’s why we make sure this is a 100% perfect fit. Apply and we’ll discuss if it’s right for you, which level makes the most sense—and we’ll guide you towards resources if it’s not the right time.  

Absolutely! We encourage you to involve your team. However, this is not a process to simply delegate—you much be engaged as a leader to get the most out of the Accelerator.

That depends on way too many individual factors:

  1. Your industry
  2. How quickly you implement our recommendations
  3. Seasonal trends and current events

However, we have seen clients have results in weeks to months. Data indicates that pure SEO work typically takes about six months to really take off, but again, that’s highly variable.

You may also want to check out our Spark Sessions program, which can be a great starting point as well. 

"Hiring you was/is the best choice for my business. It's truly changed how I get clients and how I am found by my clients. And I am getting clients that are an exact fit for my business, who are willing to pay my prices without question..."

— Alyssa Hill, Threshold Healing —

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