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We’re a creative marketing studio on a mission to amplify and elevate tomorrow’s change-makers using accessible, sustainable search-first strategies. If you have an audacious vision for shaking up your industry and making a big impact, you’re in the right place.

Movement Marketing for Thought Leaders & Change-Making Brands


Strategic Marketing

Ready to get found and build your audience while growing your bottom line?

You need the Aligned Authority™ Accelerator. Our flagship 1:1 solution guides clients through our nine-part framework—resulting in a high-impact, evergreen, SEO-driven movement marketing strategy that informs the rest of our worth together.


Search-First Websites

Think beyond the pretty face—create a marketing powerhouse.

Our co-creative strategic design process leverages your website to serve as your #1 marketing tool, using an alchemy of search engine optimization and a deep commitment to the human experience with design. 


Human-Centered SEO

Ditch the social media hamster wheel and start generating evergreen leads.  

Did you know that search drives 1000% (you read that right) more organic traffic than social media? Work with our team to get discovered by problem-aware searchers who need what you offer. 

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Our Focus:
big impact (not internet fame)

SM&Co is on a mission to transform marketing—and help great people, companies, & organizations make massive impact along the way.

I’m Sarah, and I founded this company in 2008 after running communications departments in the public and nonprofit sectors. Our nimble team brings more than half a century of collective marketing expertise, organizational leadership, and content creation together to amplify clients’ impact using innovative, yet evergreen, techniques.

Ready to make big, confident moves? We’d love to get to know you.

Sarah Moon | Portland Movement Marketing Consultant
Meet our Founder
Sample Our Style

Most marketing studios emphasize tactical approaches that ignore the essence of your purpose and brand—but this is where we start our work. The methods we use are accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes, and can and should be repurposed over and over again—this means that you’ll save resources and time. We know this can be a big mental shift, so we’d love for you to take our style for a spin with our affordable “quick win” workshops to get you headed in a fresh direction.

Magical Homepage Formula

Struggling with what to put on your homepage? Staring at a blinking cursor with no idea where to start? This free workshop takes the confusion and frustration out of writing the content for your homepage. We've used this method with hundreds of our clients, and it's a can't miss, winning formula.

Productize & Thrive COurse

Burned out service provider in need of a better, sustainable way to scale your business and retain the joy of making big impact with clients? Discover the magic of productized services! We built our agency using this method and we're yet to find a niche that can't thrive with service-based products.

Book a 1:1 with Sarah

Ready for some solid advice on a tough marketing or business strategy challenge? Schedule a one hour "ask me anything" format session with Sarah to get clarity—fast. These are working sessions, so know you won't get an upsell or sales pitch, just solid direction on your next best step.

Get our free asset inventory guide & template!

One of the biggest challenges many of our clients have is streamlining their systems. The first step in that direction is creating an asset inventory. We’ve developed a guide and template to make that process so much easier. Grab it at the link below.