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We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their businesses—and their movements. We’re a marketing and business strategy studio on a mission to amplify and elevate tomorrow’s change-makers using sustainable search-first marketing woven together with people-first strategies.

Ready to shake things up—sustainably and strategically?

You’re in the right place.

The status quo of modern marketing isn't designed for you and me.

The hard truth is that most marketing strategies are designed for massive corporations, while small businesses, consultants, coaches, and other experts are left feeling that the advice they’re given just doesn’t fit—and they’re right.

We have two choices: we can struggle to force our businesses into an ill-fitting mold, or we can reinvent a system that works for us and allows us to thrive. I don’t know about you, I prefer door number two.

This is why I developed the Alignthority™ System.

.01 Clarify

As an expertise business, your authority is everything—it forms the foundation for your offers and services, your content strategy, and is the reason why you do what you do. That's why we don't pass go until we've clarified and articulated this essential component of your marketing and business infrastructure.

.02 Create

Your body of work fuels your marketing and business strategy, full stop, non-negotiable. It's what allows people to discover you, form a connection, and believe you and your company are the right expert for the job. We guide you in create a content strategy, fueled by SEO, that powers your evergreen marketing on repeat.

.03 Cultivate

The rubber meets the road in this phase of the Alignthority™ System. We tie together the work from Clarify and Create, ensuring your brand and monetization model align elegantly with your content strategy and overarching movement and mission. This is how you build an aligned business that is authentic—and profitable.

Spark Sessions

This co-creative process unfolds over three 1:1 marketing & business strategy workshops we call Spark Sessions.

A one-of-a-kind consulting/coaching hybrid that is flexible by design, Spark Sessions helps you craft your marketing structure, plan your content, and make sure your services or info-products align.

If you’re tired of doing what everyone says you “should,” start here. 

Marketing Accelerator

Ready to get found and build your audience while growing your bottom line?

Our flagship 1:1 solution is three month partnership including Spark Sessions, our SEO intensive, a search-driven content strategy, and a consulting retainer. Essentially, this is all our favorite solutions in one. 

Want to get things done efficiently and purposefully? You’ll love the Accelerator and its tailored, sustainable approach to marketing.

SEO Strategy

Ninety percent of online experience start with the search engine. Neglect SEO, miss opportunities. 

Search engine optimization is the most effective ways to build an evergreen marketing engine—one that gets your message in front of problem-aware searchers every single day. Our SEO strategy work begins with our SEO Assessment & Opportunities Program, a deep dive into your website and its potential—plus a hands-on session with Sarah.

SM&Co is on a mission to transform marketing—and visionary entrepreneurs make massive impact along the way.

mission-driven, focused on transforming marketing from a mere sales tool into a force for good. We believe the best businesses are those that make a positive impact on the world, and we’re here to help incredible entrepreneurs achieve just that.

Meet Sarah, the Spark Behind SM&Co

It all started in 2008. After leading communications in the public and nonprofit sectors, I saw a glaring gap in the marketing landscape. I envisioned a strategy studio built on empathy, ethics, and a deep commitment to creating lasting impact. 

A Nimble Team, a Wealth of Experience

Our team may be small, but our collective energy is anything but. Together, we bring over five decades of combined expertise in marketing, organizational leadership, and content creation. We’re a diverse bunch, united by a shared passion for helping good people make a big difference.

Goodbye Fads, Hello Sustainable Strategy

Instead, we focus on proven, sustainable strategies that deliver lasting results. We leverage innovation, yes, but always in a way that drives long-term impact for our clients and their communities.

Ready to make big, confident moves? We’d love to get to know you.

Sarah Moon | Portland Movement Marketing Consultant
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If you’re ready to take a strategic step forward, it all starts with a simple alignment call to get to know each other and help us better understand your big vision. Or, get a quick win with a 1:1, no strings, session with Sarah.

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