We Are SM&Co

Sarah Moon & Co is a purpose-driven online marketing studio.

Since 2008, we’ve helped bold boundary-pushers get discovered, build an audience, and expand their reach online. If you have an audacious vision for shaking up your industry, making a big impact, and (even if it’s too scary to say out loud) starting a movement, you’re in the right place.

What We Believe
You Belong
We support and celebrate your identity,  including ethnicity, race, gender, LQBTQ+, age, religion and abilities.
Expertise Sells
Smart people with big ideas can and should flourish—even when they’re the quietest person in the room.
Own It
Reject the idea that to be successful you have to grow Mark Zuckerberg’s business instead of your own. Focus energy on the properties you own and control.
Authority = Impact
Internet fame is fleeting, but authority? Authority carries you far—for the long term.
Integrity Matters
Growth hacking, false urgency, SEO scams, and the erosion of personal privacy aren’t aligned with our ethics—and we know we’re not alone. We operate with integrity, live our values, and teach our clients the same.
Embrace Curiosity
We never stop learning, adapting, and refining.
Take Responsibility
No blame games, no drama. We hold ourselves accountable and expect the same of our clients and community.
Our Framework

(aka the secret sauce in our SEO-fueled marketing magic)

The Aligned Authority™ Model

Our clients want to create big impact—impact that’s measured in more than sales. They want to see the results of their work, go deeper, and create lasting results. The first step to creating that impact is a plan for strategically building authority so you can get found, make connections, and inspire others while focused on your goals, fluent in your message, and flourishing in all the ways that matter to you.

We call this method Aligned Authority™—and we’d love to share how it can transform your work. 

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