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Summer of SEO 2024

Raise Your Voice & Grow Your Authority

Are you ready to dive into SEO—the Alignthority™ way—this summer? Our Summer of SEO program is a collaborative group strategy experience designed to help you build content authority that drives organic traffic and establishes your expertise. 

Think of Summer of SEO 2024 like summer camp for your business: new friends, new skills, and a whole lot of fun along the way.

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You're Not Selling White T-Shirts

and that's where most SEO strategies go wrong

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If your business relies on your knowledge and expertise there’s a good chance that if you tried SEO, it went nowhere—fast.

Why? Most SEO experts don’t focus on businesses like yours—businesses built on excellent work, deep knowledge, and vast experience. Maybe you got traffic, but it didn’t move the needle on leads and client acquisition. 

Maybe you tried finding some keywords, played with blogging, tried to speed up your website, but it felt like you were throwing spaghetti at the proverbial walls.

I’ve heard this story hundreds of times: “I tried SEO and it didn’t work.” You’re not alone. This is what happens when you use Target-style strategies for a boutique business. 

But you also know that the ol’ “post and pray” method isn’t a plan for the long-haul.

It’s time to own your voice, get visible, and grow your business. And that’s what Summer of SEO 2024 is all about. 

Own Your Voice

"Sarah Moon has a way of bringing out in you the thing that has always been in your head..."

…but you never probably didn’t have the words to verbally express. She has a way of framing it in a way that you go, yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.

- Nequoshua Anderson, Anderson Law Firm -

Let's Build a Strategy that works—once and for all

Here’s the hard truth: search drives connection on the internet.

A whopping 90+ percent of online experiences start with a search! That means whether you’re a consultant or a coach, an attorney or a financial planner, a course creator or a corporate trainer… your audience is seeking information in the search engine, day in and day out. Ignore search and ignore your audience. 

typical SEO Tactics look like:

Alignthority™ SEO Strategies look like:


Summer of SEO 2024

More than a business blogging program. Better than technical SEO. And, yes, it’s even bigger than getting found in the search engine. At its core, Summer of SEO 2024 is an authority building program.

We’ll leverage data and strategy to get you found and make you known as the subject matter expert using my signature Alignthority™ system. Through interactive sessions, expert guidance, and a supportive community, you’ll gain the knowledge and strategies you need to position yourself as the expert you are.

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Month 1 (June)

Clarify Your Focus

An authority-building, search-fueled strategy is only as good as its foundations. In our first month together we’ll set ourselves up for success with planning and big-picture thinking.

Month 2 (July)

Create Your Body of Work

In our second month together, you’ll get serious about your content planning with the goal for you to wrap up the month with a solid content plan in place and at least one authority-drive SEO-friendly article written.

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Month 3 (August)

Cultivate Sustainable Growth

The big problem with the way most agencies (especially those weirdos who cold pitch you in your inbox) do SEO is that they only really care about traffic. I care about your growth on your terms. 

Grow Your Business

"But Sarah's so much more than just a sounding board. She does spark ideas."

She does make an effort to really get in and understand what it is that you do, how you do it, and who you do it for, and those are critical aspects to moving any business forward.

- Nic Sidoti, Web Designer & marketer -

Graphic explaining summer of SEO, including screenshots of a private podcast feed, a notion content planner, and a learning management system.

SUmmer of SEO

Fun Extras!

Don’t worry, I’m not slapping a random “value” on these—I just hope you enjoy them!

Alignthority™ Content Planner

Access to our clients-only Notion planner that makes content strategy a breeze.

7 SEO Workshop Replays

Each month you’ll unlock replays of our SEO workshops to support your journey.

Simple SEO Math Strategy Short

So you can stop guessing and start making data-informed decisions.

All SM&Co's SEO Resources
2x Monthly Group Strategy Sessions
5-Minute Strategy Teachings
Gamified Progress that rewards you

01. Twice Monthly Group Strategy Sessions

Our 90-minute group sessions are not just Q&As—we’ll dig into real strategies for your business. If you can’t make it, don’t worry—submit your questions in advance and all sessions will be recorded.

02. Private Community

We’re doing an experiment and offering you access to BOTH a private Facebook group and a community built into our learning management system. Ask questions, share your wins, and get support when you need it. 

03. Monthly Coworking Sessions

The hardest part of marketing isn’t doing the work—it’s finding the time. We’re helping you create a marketing habit with once a month rotating coworking sessions. 

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Summer of SEO 2024

Two Value-Packed Tiers

Note: Any reference to "value" below indicates actual rates we currently charge

Essentials (SOLD OUT!)


payment plans available




How it works

01. Enroll in Summer of SEO 2024

Choose your payment plan and Essentials vs VIP to get started. 

02. Check Your Email Inbox

This will give you all the information about accessing our learning portal. 

03. Show Up & Do the Work

You get as much out of this program as you put into it! 

Meet your Authority Strategist

Sarah Moon

Thought Partner. Marketing Consultant. SEO Expert. Authority Coach. Business Strategist. Trusted Advisor.

I play a bunch of different roles for my clients, and those are just some of the titles clients have given me. Whatever you want to call me, I’ll be your guide all summer long. 

I’m fortunate to have a pretty big toolkit, as a former college-level instructor focused on professional education for adults, and communications director in the public and private sector (I’ve seen some stuff, I tell you). 

I’ve been running SM&Co since 2008 and had a special interest in all this search engine magic since 2012 when I saw how focused, strategic content marketing was exponentially growing my business every year. 

I’m excited to share my methods with you and support you in your journey to becoming an authority—in Google and beyond. 

CHoose Your Path

Ready to finally build your authority in google & beyond?

essentials (SOLD OUT)



vip (SOLD OUT)

payment plans available



You Asked, We Answered

read the Frequently Asked Questions

Our first group strategy call is June 12 11am-12:30pm Pacific. You will have instant access to some prep materials when you enroll.

Please note: We have some surprises cooked up for you as well!


  • Wednesday, June 12th: Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific
  • Thursday, June 20th: Coworking, 2:00pm – 3pm Pacific
  • Wednesday, June 26th:  Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific


  • Wednesday, July 10th: Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific
  • Tuesday, July 16th: Coworking, noon – 1pm Pacific
  • Wednesday, July 24th: Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific


  • Wednesday, August 7th: Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific
  • Wednesday, August 21: Coworking, 10am – 11am Pacific
  • Wednesday, August 21st: Live Group Strategy Session, 11:00am – 12:30pm Pacific

Co-working sessions differ significantly from the group strategy calls. These are one hour sessions for you to co-work with your cohort members over Zoom. At the beginning of the session we’ll set goals, and we’ll revisit them after 20 minutes and then share goals again and work for another 20 minutes. We’ll then wrap up and celebrate what we achieved—big or small—at the end of the hour. 

Yes, we offer payment plans. Please see the options when you check out and select the one that works for your cashflow. 

Important: Default on a payment plan will result in removal from the program and the inability to join the group sessions or co-working sessions until your account is made current. 

SoS isn’t for everyone! It’s designed for knowledge businesses and is not appropriate for physical product businesses. If you have questions about its appropriateness for you, just email us at hello@sarahmoon.net.

You can be successful with any modern website platform. If you have a custom coded site, do make sure you have blogging capabilities, and if your platform isn’t listed here, check to make sure you can add a blog to your site. If you have questions about the tech stuff, drop us a line at hello@sarahmoon.net. 

Each attendee must have their own access, no exceptions. 

If you find yourself unhappy with the materials or program, do reach out and discuss it with us.

While there are some technical elements of what we teach in Summer of SEO, this is not a technical SEO program. We find that most everyday business owners struggle with that minutiae and are better served by our content-first approach to SEO. 

Yes and yes! The reason we revamped Summer of SEO was because of you. We learned that people formed themselves into cohorts and were working together to get their work done and we decided to facilitate that for you. If you need more support, this is the ticket. You will have access to the workshops from last summer, but the live sessions are unique and we have added more materials than before. 

“Alums” receive a $495 discount off of both tiers of of Summer of SEO 2024. If you did not receive a coupon in your email, simply reach out at hello@sarahmoon.net.

You may find it vey helpful in finally getting “do my SEO work” checked off your list. Like our SoS alums, you are eligible for a $495 discount off both tiers of Summer of SEO. Check your email or reach out at hello@sarahmoon.net.

If you’d like some shared accountability, networking, and community this summer, you may enjoy the experience! Reach out to Sarah personally for a special code so you can enjoy a past client discount. 

VIP SoSers get one 90-ish session one on one with Sarah each month (this is a $1,500 value). This is great if you’re someone who needs more personalized attention or has a complex business. 

No worries! Be sure to submit your questions in advance and watch the replays!

I’ve created my approach to SEO from the ground up, infusing it throughout my signature methodology known as the Alignthority™ system (yes, that ™ is because it’s going through the trademark process—that’s how much I believe in it).

I saw that authorities, thought leaders, and knowledge businesses were being taught systems that made zero sense for them and they were frustrated by investing heavily in SEO that didn’t result in new clients or leads. 

The thing is, that had never been my experience. I tracked data for years and looked at what worked well for myself and my clients (all of whom were knowledge businesses themselves) and saw consistent results through algorithm changes and trends. I tested, experimented, and gathered the numbers. Over time, this strategy evolved (and it continues to do so) and became codified as the Alignthority™ system. 

It’s not designed for high volume businesses looking to emulate the style of big companies like Target—I sometimes call it “boutique SEO” because it’s not for everyone, by design. 



(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, be happy!)

Listen, I never got to go to summer camp (I grew up in Oregon, which is basically summer camp itself) and so I thought it would be fun to bring a bit of that vibe to the table. 

Frankly, this is a sales page and it’s primarily designed for folks who already know about me, not the general public. I talk about this a bit in several of my workshops, but not everything needs to be optimized to the gills, including limited-time sales pages. 

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Summer of SEO 2024. You can email us directly at hello@sarahmoon.net or use the form linked below. 

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