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Done for Your SEO for Squarespace & WordPress

Marketing Strategy meets Done for You Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO intensive is tailored to meet your needs, 100 percent. Over our 15 years working with strategy SEO projects, we’ve discovered that too many clients have been forced into copy-paste search strategies without their business goals at the forefront. So, we’re on a mission to ensure our clients’ SEO is both effective and ethical. 

How it Works:
Squarespace + WordPress SEO Intensive

We’re keeping it super simple here—you’re just three steps away from improving your website’s rankings in Google! Here’s how we do it.

Number 1
Book your Intensive

Once you’ve said “Yes!” to our working together, you’ll have some paperwork to complete so we can best understand your goals and ask follow up questions. We’ll then take a comprehensive look at your current SEO and schedule a call to set SEO priorities.

Number 2
We Get to Work

On your designate day, we’ll get under the hood of your website and work through the priority list you approved. This may include both backend and on-page improvements—it’s all tailored to your goals. 

Number 3
SEO Debrief

At the end of your intensive, our team will document what we’ve done with your site and provide you with metrics about your current search engine rankings to use as a benchmark.

Ready to collaborate?

Book Your SEO Intensive

SEO intensives are typically booking three to four weeks in advance. This will give you time to get ready to get ready, wrap up our deep dive workbook to help us understand your audience, and to schedule your 1:1 with Sarah.

This is for you if:

In full transparency, this is a hyrbid done-for-you solution in between our three-month retainer and our pure consulting approach. If you will be best served by ongoing support, please consider the Aligned Authority™ Accelerator program and if you’re still refining your offer or services, take a moment to check out Spark Sessions.

Keyboard and Mouse with Coffee - Sarah Moon & Co

Success Stories from Our Clients

“Sarah’s search-first strategies and human-centred SEO outlook are a refreshing combination of simple, smart and achievable.”

— Nic Sidoti, Studio Clvr —

“I approached Sarah because I was looking to expand my marketing strategy and start taking SEO seriously. She audited my Squarespace site and did keyword research to help me rank higher in Google’s search engine! After the audit, Sarah gave me actionable steps that took the overwhelm out of SEO. I’m now ranking on the first page of Google…”

— Jamar DIggs, YouTube Strategist —

“Our potential clients are finding us due to Sarah Moon & Co’s meticulous keyword research and SEO analysis; it’s a breeze to find our services and explore our website for anyone who comes upon it. It’s been such a wonderful experience working with a company that knows how to strategize…”

– Laura Walker, Andante Piano Works –

Frequently Asked Questions about our SEO Services


Our intensive program has two tracks: Foundations or Content Strategy. Both include an audit and review (a real human does this in tandem with specific search software and other tools) of your website, keyword research, and a 1:1 with Sarah to discuss the plan of action, plus implementation or priorities that we agree upon together. 

Once we’ve met with you to establish priorities, we’ll schedule a day of implementation and improvements on your website. We get hands on and improve the technical elements as well as content to make your site more appealing to Google. This varies heavily depending on your industry, website health, how much media (ie photos) you have on your site, and other factors. 

You’ll then be able to book a 30 minute call to better understand what’s been done, and get recommendations for best next steps. 

Long story short, every single client’s project is tailored for their needs—we don’t do cookie cutter solutions when it comes to SEO!

Foundations is what many people think about when they hear the term “SEO.” This includes backend technical work as well as on-page optimization. 

Content strategy is a long-term strategic plan for content designed to bring visitors into your site. We deliver this to you in a custom Notion database which you and your team can then adapt and build upon for years. 

Foundations is essential for the content strategy to be as successful as possible. However, if you have already ticked off many SEO boxes, you may be able to skip that work with us. 

If you anticipate wanting both tracks, it may be more cost-effective to simply commit to our Aligned Authority™ Accelerator, which is a three-month search-first marketing retainer. 

Of course! You will likely need to have us manually schedule your session with Sarah, which is absolutely no problem. 

You may pay with a credit card or PayPal. We can also create a payment plan for you, upon request and using AutoPay. If you’re outside of North America and would like to pay with a wire transfer, reach out ( and we’ll make that happen.

The SEO intensive is $2,500 – 4,500, depending on site size. The content strategy track is a flat $3,500. 

All prices are in USD.

We are happy to work on both platforms and know both quite well!

However, with WordPress, we’ll want to see how your site is set up prior to committing to a project, as themes and plugins vary immensely. If you do not have a premium SEO plugin running on your WordPress site, we’ll recommend one that’s affordable and easy to install, SEOPress

We are known for our team’s expertise in Squarespace SEO, and Sarah was one of the original Squarespace specialists so we can do complex SEO implements on Squarespace, such as Schema implementation, that other SEO strategists who don’t have deep knowledge may not be comfortable with. 

Yes, you sure can! We do not automatically record our meetings, but you may do so. Please do not redistribute them in any way.

Our clients typically see improvement in their traffic relatively quickly. However, this varies tremendously depending on your niche, geography, and the current health of your website. Additionally, if you are adjusting your audience or have introduced new services, that can also impact your traffic, both positively and negatively.

We recommend installing Google Analytics or Fathom prior to our working together so you can start measuring your progress. 

We are open to having this conversation, however, we believe that too often people are sold unnecessary ongoing SEO packages that don’t move the needle for them. As a result, we only take on retainer clients on a limited basis, when we know it will be a big win for our clients.

If the bulk of your website is an online store, we recommend you work with a specialist in that niche or a course such as Erin Alexander’s Simplified SEO. If you have a website that promotes services and also has a small store, then we can likely help. Reach out to discuss your situation and we’ll make sure you’re headed in the right direction. 

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