Squarespace & WordPress Search Engine Optimization​

Search engine optimization has a bad rep—and it's earned.

Spammy and even scammy methods are not uncommon and many company's SEO programs are designed to complex-ify things and confuse you. We're on a mission to change all that. Squarespace website owner? We're the original Squarespace SEO experts and know the system inside and out, so we can leverage your site's visibility in Google thoughtfully and strategically. Soon, Sarah's going to spill all her Squarespace secrets into a new, one-of-a-kind course, Squarespace SEO Mastery. Join the waitlist below to be the first to hear about it!


Do you need SEO?

A lot of folks come to us and think they need help with search engine optimization. And that’s great! We love that people are thinking about this potentially crucial part of their marketing plan. But, it’s important to ask yourself, “Do I need a search strategy? Am I ready to commit to content marketing? Where does search fit with my business goals?”

If you’re ready to say a resounding “YES!” to all that, then it’s time for us to talk! We’re committed to “ungross” SEO that helps our fuel our clients’ success. Yes indeed, it is possible to be found in Google and not use sleazy, manipulative tactics or sound like a robot—we promise!


We're the original Squarespace SEO Specialists

We knew Squarespace SEO before most folks even knew Squarespace existed. That’s not bragging—it’s true!

In the early days of the platform, Sarah cracked the code to optimizing Squarespace for search and never looked back! Here’s how we help Squarespace users level up their SEO.

Did you, like many Squarespace website owners, discover that your site isn’t magically optimized for search? We can help! While Search Engine Optimization is included in all of our WordPress and Squarespace website design projects, we understand that DIYers and website owners may need a bit of a helping hand with optimizing their sites for Google—and we’ve got your back.

Getting Found in Search is the Beginning, Not the End

Unlike high volume SEO companies, we believe in aligning your search strategy with your overall business goals—misalignment is a toxic scenario we see far too many brands find themselves in when they undertake search engine optimization efforts. We understand that it’s a balance, and while getting found in Google is important, so is building your authority and ensuring your brand’s integrity. We’re here to help to walk that line—and that’s why all of our SEO clients start with an audit and strategy session. 

SEO Tips & Tricks

YouTube as a Search Engine

Discover how YouTube is a search engine and how by leveraging search in YouTube, subject matter experts can say goodbye to social selling and hello to a sustainable sales funnel for problem-aware clients.

All About SEO

In September 2020, our team took part in a discussion about search engine optimization and answered some of the most common questions we hear, especially about Squarespace websites.

Deep Dive Audit

  • The first step in your SEO journey—this is often enough for most very small or "solopreneur" businesses. We'll help you understand where you're at and how to reach your search goals. To be frank, this is amazing bang for your buck and is all many clients need to get headed in the right direction.
$ 595
flat fee
I approached Sarah because I was looking to expand my marketing strategy and start taking SEO seriously. She audited my Squarespace site and did keyword research to help me rank higher in Google’s search engine! After the audit, Sarah gave me actionable steps that took the overwhelm out of SEO. I’m now ranking on the first page for “social media coach” and “social media coaching packages” and get traffic and leads every day because of her help! Sarah will always be the SEO expert I go to for guidance and website/content strategy!

— Jamar Diggs, Sales & Marketing Coach