Squarespace & WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Let's be honest, search engine optimization has a bad rep—and it's earned. Spammy and even scammy methods are not uncommon and many company's SEO programs are designed to complexify things and confuse you. We're on a mission to change all that. Squarespace website owner? We're the original Squarespace SEO experts and know the system inside and out, so we can leverage your site's visibility in Google thoughtfully and strategically.

Please note: We are currently booked for SEO projects until Dec. 2020.

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Do You "Need" SEO?

A lot of folks come to us and think they need help with search engine optimization. And that’s great! We love that people are thinking about this potentially crucial part of their marketing plan. But, it’s important to ask yourself, “Do I need a search strategy? Am I ready to commit to content marketing? Where does search fit with my business goals?”

If you’re ready to say a resounding “YES!” to all that, then it’s time for us to talk! We’re committed to “ungross” SEO that helps our fuel our clients’ success. Yes indeed, it is possible to be found in Google and not use sleazy, manipulative tactics or sound like a robot—we promise!


Squarespace SEO

We’re proud to say that SM+Co is the original Squarespace SEO experts. That’s not bragging, it’s true! In the early days of the platform, Sarah cracked the code to optimizing Squarespace for search and never looked back! Here’s how we help Squarespace users level up their SEO.

Does your Squarespace website’s SEO have you down? Did you, like many website owners, discover that your site isn’t magically optimized for search? We can help! While Search Engine Optimization is included in all of our WordPress and Squarespace website design projects, we understand that DIYers and website owners may need a bit of a helping hand with optimizing their sites for Google—and we’ve got your back.

Audit + Strategy Pack (all platforms)

Start your SEO journey here! This is the best way to figure out if search is a good part of your overall online marketing strategy and what your next steps are. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to find out what's going on with your website and get some good advice from someone who's seen it all. You'll get a deep dive audit and an hour or so to dig into your search strategy and how it connects to your business goals and marketing plan.

One-Day SEO Boost for Squarespace Websites

Let us handle it all! We've taken our almost-famous one-day website model and applied it to search engine optimization—exclusively for Squarespace website users. This single day process fixes all those little errors you didn't know you made, optimizes your backend, and—as appropriate—boosts your on-page optimizations as well. (As time allows—some sites need a bit more TLC in the errors department than others.) We'll also provide you with a custom SEO

Full Optimization Package (WordPress or Squarespace)

The next step! When people reach out and tell us they "want SEO," this is often when they mean. All the backend "stuff," from keyword research, to technical audits and page title/description optimization. This is the full SEO package our website design clients have included in their projects. You'll be responsible for implementation, but we'll guide you along the way so you're empowered to adjust and adapt through the lifecycle of your website and as your online marketing strategy shifts.

SEO-Focused Content Marketing 1:1 Intensive

We empower you to get found by Google the right way—no sleazy tactics, ever. This is a three-month strategic advisory retainer—you'll work closely with Sarah & Kath to develop and implement a focused, actionable, and sustainable SEO-informed content marketing plan. This is perfect for motivated go-getters looking to land the right clients and build an audience for their big mission.

SEO Resources from SM+Co

Our core team all have roots in education—that's why we love to share our knowledge. Check out our featured resources. (And subscribe to the newsletter to get them first.)

Sarah Moon + Co is an amazing company! They go so far beyond basic web design, it is incredible. Our potential clients are finding us due to their meticulous keyword research and SEO analysis; it's a breeze to find our services and explore our website for anyone who comes upon it; and we are having so much fun blogging again because they were savvy enough to transition us a website on WordPress that makes creating content so easy and efficient. It's been such a wonderful experience working with a company that knows how to strategize and hone in on a business' voice and fully integrate that into a website that is just beautiful to look at. Thanks again, Sarah Moon + Co! You guys are The Best!!!!

Laura Walker

Andante Piano Works