Six Week Business + Marketing Strategy Sprint

It Starts with a Spark

Spark Sessions is a flexible, one to one marketing + business consulting program for entrepreneurs designed to meet you where you're at and forge a path to where you want to go.

Build business, SEO, and marketing foundations that feel good—and simply work.

This co-creative process unfolds over three 1:1 marketing & business strategy workshops with Sarah that we call Spark Sessions. We call these workshops Spark Sessions because they’re designed to do just that: Spark the flame you need for your next level, whatever that may be. 

Looking to make a pivot? Reach a new audience? Rebuild your offers? Market in a way that suits your strengths? Develop an SEO-fueled marketing funnel?

Spark Sessions will get you there. 

What real clients have achieved in Spark Sessions strategy workshops.

The outcomes of working together are intentionally structured to be flexible and meet you where you’re at today. That means my marketing and business strategist brain is on your biggest challenges, using the Alignthority™ System to help you move forward. We’ll choose an area of emphasis (offers, content, or frameworks) and move through my signature Alignthority process together.

.01 Clarify Workshop

Sparking a business and marketing strategy that charts a new course isn't possible without creating clarity around your why, what you're working towards, and what you stand against. This all informs your marketing framework. We'll also choose which area (offers, content, or frameworks) to emphasize during our work together.

.02 Create Workshop

Now that we understand your mission, movement, and audience it's time to get to work developing a search-optimized content plan to build your visibility and expand your reach.

.03 Cultivate Workshop

To close out our work together, we'll tie it all together, ensuring your message, mission, content, pricing, and services are all aligned.

Offer Creation

Outgrown your current services? Looking to reach a new audience? 

This is a natural and exciting part of growing a business! (And, real talk, a little bit scary too.)

If you’re in a transition phase, thinking about a pivot, or need to clarify your audience, you will find this track hits just the right notes. 

When you’re ready to rethink how you fund your movement and match the right audience’s needs, this is the path you’ll take in the Spark Sessions program.

Content Strategy

Thought leadership is more than just “content creation.” It’s a strategic practice that should bring you leads, raise your profile, and fuel your work for years. 

Harnessing our search engine savviness, we co-create a content strategy that raises your profile and gets you found. Using our methodology, you can translate your content plan to any platform that leverages your strengths. 

If you’re want to build your personal brand as a CEO and expand your reach, focusing on content is your best next step.

Framework Development

Framework, model, system, intellectual property—whatever you call it, it’s as essential of foundation as your business name.

From your framework flows your marketing, your services, group programs, certifications, and info-products such as courses. (Read all about the power of frameworks in this blog post.) 

If you’re ready to create a sustainable, repeatable business model that you can adapt for years to come, this is your area of focus. 

Meet your marketing & business strategy guide.

I’m Sarah, and I’m here to help you spark a fresh direction in your business. 

Most people know me because I’m on a wild mission to re-envision marketing as an ethical, kind, and impactful discipline.

But I’m also a dog wrangler, mediocre bicyclist, stand-up paddle boarder, and coffee nerd. After over two decades in the marketing biz, I believe in putting people first, and collaborating with empathy and compassion—but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a bit of tough love from me when you most need it. 

If you’re ready to take immediate steps to becoming visible, building your thought leadership, and getting found, our Spark Sessions program is just the ticket. 

Spark Sessions Nuts & Bolts

Rather than get bogged down in a day-long intensive, we’ve designed the Spark Sessions program to work with the regular cadence of your business. Flexible by design, no overwhelm or information overload involved. 

Here’s what this looks like:

Spark Sessions Q&A

Spark Sessions is currently $3,650 and we do adjust pricing two times per year. Payment plans are offered without penalty.

You are always welcome to email or Voxer me! I do have set working hours, but be assured I’ll respond when I am available.

I call this a “choose your own adventure” service—we decide together what your top priorities are and work towards them. 

This means that during our first session we’ll dig deeply and make sure that your priorities are set and that we’re tackling your top problem. While everyone’s experience is different, I rely on my tried and tested Aligned Authority™ framework in our work together.

While we do select an area of emphasis (framework, content, or offers), most clients walk away with far more than that!

In terms of tangible items, you can expect a variety of support materials, a collaborative workbook, email or Voxer access to Sarah, and a collaboration Notion database with an archive of our work.

Fun fact: About half of our Spark Sessions clients are exactly that!

Creatives are often so excellent at their jobs, they don’t give themselves space to get really strategic. If you’re a web designer, I also have a three month mentoring and business coaching program that may interest you.

Spark Sessions is a formal program with a structure and methodology. We will spend at least six hours together total and you have access to me (Sarah) via email or Voxer in between our sessions. You also get access to our resource library and other supporting tools as appropriate.

Strategy sessions are amazing too! They are simple one-hour ask me anything style sessions that are great if you want to test the waters of working together or if you need follow up after Spark Sessions. We also have many “frequent flyers” who regularly book strategy sessions for gut check sessions and the like. 

Spark Sessions and our Aligned Authority™ Accelerator are the only ways to work with me on developing a framework or model, and are the only way we can build offers, and those two services along with the content track of our SEO Intensive are the only way we craft search-first funnel strategies. 

Additionally, if this is your first time working with a consultant, Spark Sessions is absolutely your best move. 

I love this—it’s always smart to align your foundation work with an SEO overhaul. Much of the time, unless your site is very small, it will be a better value to do our Alignthority™ Accelerator instead of these two standalone services. You can also start with Spark Sessions and upgrade to the accelerator within 90 days.

In a word: No. 

This is designed as a one to one directly with CEOs (whether you’re a solopreneur or lead a team). This is for a few reasons:

  • In my two decades of experience, one thing has remained constant: strategy much have buy-in from the top. When it doesn’t, it fails.
  • We may be discussing things you aren’t ready to share with your team, such as your exit plans, profit margins, and team support. 
  • Progress is slowed by too many voices in the room.

With that said, if you’re interested in this process being facilitated for your executive team or marketing department, reach out to schedule an alignment call and custom quote.

Yes! We provide that in a private podcast feed and video recordings are available upon request.

You will have a collaborative Google Doc workbook that you will need to complete prior to your first session. 

Aside from that, just be prepared with an open mind, high speed internet connection, and a distraction-free (as much as is possible for your situation) environment. 

We are typically booking Spark Sessions clients four to six weeks out, though it varies seasonally. 

Spark your next big idea.

If you’re ready to take a strategic step forward, it all starts with a simple alignment call to get to know each other and help us better understand your big vision. Or, get a quick win with a 1:1, no strings, session with Sarah.

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