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Founded in 2008, SM+Co is a boutique WordPress & Squarespace website design and business strategy studio based in Portland, Oregon. With a passion for content strategy, search engine optimization, and "ungrossing" modern marketing, our small team is tightly knit and 100% remote (rest assured, our clients aren't paying for ping pong tables and artisanal water).

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Our Big Idea

We like to say that we work with people with a “big idea,” and we’re no different. Our small team has a vision that we can help our clients market themselves online in “ungross” ways, with integrity and passion. Your website is a big part of that, it’s where you can make your mark and lean into your distinct differences. We’re unafraid to operate with transparency (which is why you’ll see flat rate or starting pricing all over this website), and value the community we’ve cultivated over our egos. 

In a nutshell, our big idea is to provide agency-level solutions without the nonsense.


Marketing and design shouldn’t happen in a vacuum, but too often that’s exactly what occurs. We take a landscape view of our work, and our core team is all social science trained, and has a deep understanding of data. But we also believe that data is meaningless without the lens of humanity. That means that we’ll dig into metrics, behavior patterns and audience profiles, but we’ll also ask a lot of questions about who your audience is, what lights them up and why you connect with them on an emotional level. 

Taken together, this creates a holistic, savvy and flexible approach to websites, search engine optimization and online marketing—an approach we know is sustainable and effective for the long haul.

Sarah Moon, Founder

Sarah's the founder, strategist and, well, boss of #allthethings. She's the person our clients talk to most often. She also writes our weekly no-nonsense newsletter about ungrossing marketing, communicating more effectively online, and practical tips for running a business in our weird modern world.

Read a Note from Sarah

Thank you for stopping by our corner of the Internet! I'm happy to introduce myself to you, in my own words.

After leading communications departments at nonprofit organizations and government agencies—during which time I appeared in outlets from tiny regional magazines, to Telemundo, NPR and the Washington Post—I founded SM+Co in 2008, on a mission to help organizations and business owners tackle increasingly complex and intimidating business challenges.

In 2009, I created and began teaching digital communication classes through the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s excellent Continuing Education program, including a comprehensive website design class. And while I've moved on from college teaching, I continue to love working with a variety of learners looking to expand their online marketing. As a result, all of my consulting and web work includes a teaching and training component, and that's why our team all has backgrounds in teaching and training as well. (Kath is a former middle school IT teacher and Josh worked in higher ed administration.)

Through all the work, I've grown to despise the sleazy, inauthentic and unsustainable marketing tactics that marketing gurus/rockstars/ninjas proclaim you have to do to be successful. 

Instead, I've embraced a different approach, encouraging clients to find the right path for them, built on their own piece of internet real estate. If this approach has worked for us, why can't it work for everyone else? 

Outside of work, I have many interests: I’m also an avid reader, founder of two podcasts (one about international basketball, the other about books), DIYer, owner of too many ukuleles, avid gardener, amateur winemaker and professional tea drinker. I'm excited to start dabbling in dog sports, beginning with Rally Obedience, and basically love any activity that involves seeing dogs, petting dogs or playing with dogs.

I'm a proud graduate of American University in Washington, DC and University College Dublin in Ireland. As a dual U.S. and E.U. (Luxembourg) citizen, and as someone who's lived on both sides of the Atlantic, I have an international perspective and I welcome clients from around the globe and in my backyard. I currently live in charming northeast Portland, in my beloved home state of Oregon, with my husband (who joined SM+Co full-time in 2015) and Australian Shepherds, Fiona and Malachy.



Joshua Moon, Operations

Josh manages our training programs and loads of behind the scenes "stuff." He is a partner in the business and lends a hand with our e-commerce projects, manages our education/training programs and helps with big-picture project management. He's also a pro at much-needed coffee runs. He's an avid woodworker and home cook and recently realized a lifelong dream of trying falconry at the Ireland's School of Falconry.

Kath O'Malley, Trainer/Copywriter/Problem-Solver

Our go-to collaborator on everything—from training to copywriting to content strategy, Kath has it covered. Kath trains entrepreneurs, freelancers and newbie Squarespace web designers using smart, logical and time-saving methods to build and update Squarespace websites. She knows how frustrating it is seeking answers to something that SHOULD be easy, but just isn't. Kath values the magic of being able to talk to a real person who knows what’s going on, is happy to dig around for answers if it’s something not so obvious and is passionate about making systems do the hard work so clients can focus on their businesses.

The Office Puppers
Meet Fiona

Fiona's the more serious member of our pack. She loves long walks, beach trips and hikes through Hoyt Arboretum. She wishes her little brother would chill out.

Meet Malachy

The puppy of the crew, Mally, is an energetic dude who, along with Sarah, is getting started in Rally Obedience and dog trick competition. His favorite hobbies are chasing squirrels and bugging his big sister.


We can’t do it alone! We’re thrilled to draw on an amazing pool of collaborators who help us make client projects even more awesome. Some of our favorite folks include:

  • Olivia Lopez, Olivia Design Co
  • Ashli Hughes, Flight Path ATX
  • Heather Tovey 
  • Sarah Martin, Riverstone Digital
  • Amanda Gersh (PR)

Among others… We are proud that we never outsource work to cheap coding mills and compensate our collaborators above market rate. Taking care of our people matters, and it’s a core value of SM+Co.

If you are interested in working with us on a project basis, please reach out at info@sarahmoon.net.


It all feels like you are serious about doing business like mature adults. The tone is warm and friendly but straightforward and professional and...you provide loads of value. It is so refreshing compared to the rest.

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