About Sarah Moon & Co

Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon, Founder & CEO

Sarah’s (she/her) the founder, strategist and, well, boss of #allthethings and oversees our creative and strategic work. She also writes our weekly no-nonsense newsletter about ethical marketing, communicating more effectively online, and practical tips for running a business in our weird modern world. Sarah is based in Portland, Oregon.

Joshua Moon, Program Director

It’s a family business around here—Josh (he/him) joined Sarah in the business in 2014 after a career in higher education. Josh manages our training programs and loads of behind the scenes “stuff.” He is a partner in the business and lends a hand with strategy, manages our education/training programs, and helps with big-picture project management. Josh also makes sure we’re properly caffeinated. 

He’s an avid woodworker and home cook and recently realized a lifelong dream of trying falconry at the Ireland’s School of Falconry. 

Josh is based in Portland, Oregon.


Kath O'Malley, Content Design Coordinator & Trainer

Our go-to collaborator on everything—from training to copywriting to content strategy, Kath (she/her) has it covered. Kath trains entrepreneurs, freelancers and newbie Squarespace web designers using smart, logical and time-saving methods to build and update Squarespace websites.

She knows how frustrating it is seeking answers to something that SHOULD be easy, but just isn’t.

Kath values the magic of being able to talk to a real person who knows what’s going on, is happy to dig around for answers if it’s something not so obvious and is passionate about making systems do the hard work so clients can focus on their businesses.

Kath is based in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Andrea Shirey, Designer/SEO Specialist

Andrea (she/her) joined SM&Co in 2021 and is a veteran in the nonprofit marketing world. Her expertise encompasses creating compelling content and developing sustainable systems to move organizations forward. 

Andrea is based in West Virginia.

Valarie Williams, Designer/UX Specialist

Valarie (she/her) joined SM&Co in 2021 and is a deeply experienced web designer and digital marketer, with a special expertise in user experience. Valarie loves to create thoughtful, strategic designs that elevate a brand’s presence online and beyond.

Valarie is based in Oregon. 

The Rest of the Team
Meet Fiona

Fiona's the more serious member of our pack. She loves long walks, beach trips and hikes through Hoyt Arboretum. She wishes her little brother would chill out.

Meet Malachy

The puppy of the crew, Mally, is an energetic dude who, along with Sarah, trains in Rally Obedience and dog tricks competition. His favorite hobbies are chasing squirrels and bugging his big sister.

We can’t do it alone! We’re thrilled to draw on an amazing pool of collaborators who help us make client projects even more awesome. 

We are proud to never outsource work to cheap coding mills and we always compensate our collaborators above market rate. Taking care of our people matters, and it’s a core value of SM&Co.

If you’re interested in joining our team on a freelance basis, we accept resumes and portfolios along with a note explaining how you can help our clients thrive at info@sarahmoon.net and use the subject line “Freelancer Inquiry.”



“It all feels like you are serious about doing business like mature adults. The tone is warm and friendly but straightforward and professional and…you provide loads of value. It is so refreshing compared to the rest.”