SEO Assessment & Opportunities Program

We're thrilled to be your search engine optimization audit specialists—discover our SEO audit for consultants, coaches, attorneys, CFPs, and knowledge businesses.

Ready for actionable steps that that will move the needle on your Squarespace, WordPress, or Kajabi website's visibility in Google?

Most companies use site audits as a low cost or free lead magnet. They’re designed to move you into a funnel for additional services. We believe there’s a better way. 

We designed our SEO assessment and opportunities program to have massive value and move the needle in the right direction—even if you don’t work with us again (but we hope you will!).

Our single-minded aim is help you create a solid baseline, so you can take strategic, data-informed step to expand your reach using the search engine. 

Would you like to...

  • Know if your planned changes may harm you more than help?
  • Discover what your best performing pages are and why?
  • Get practical, actionable advice, not just platitudes—that you can implement right away?
  • Fix any low-hanging fruit that may be holding your site back in being more findable in Google?
  • Find out why your beautiful site isn’t quite attracting the right leads?
  • Understand how search, conversions and design all play together to create a healthy site?
  • Untangle the Squarespace-specific weirdness you’re seeing in automated scans of your website?

Then you'll love our SEO Assessment & Opportunities Pogram.

This is an immediately actionable dive into your website’s performance and a technical audit of the search-related functionality of your website, all bundled in a tidy, understandable spreadsheet, translated to plain English in a custom video explaining exactly what’s going on with your specific website. 

Plus, you get hands on with Sarah to strategize and implement before you dive into all this techy stuff. And, we don’t stop at the technical jargon, we help you understand the intersection between search, conversion and design optimization. 

Are you a Squarespace user? We’ve got you covered—we’re original Squarespace Specialists and know the platform inside and out.

Here's how it works:

  • This solution includes an actionable SEO Audit that you can use to improve your website’s search engine optimization.
  • We’ll look at your top-level visitor journey, from search to conversion optimization and retention.
  • Find out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Understand best practices and why you should follow the rules—and when it’s okay to break them.
  • You get an hour-ish with Sarah to understand your findings and strategize your approach to search and conversions. (Every single client is shocked at how much we can get done in that time!)
  • This is the gateway to working with us on done-for-you SEO or content marketing planning.

SEO Audit FAQs

Most companies use site audits as a low cost or free lead magnet. They’re designed to move you into a funnel for additional services. And there’s nothing wrong with doing it that way!

Our audits are priced to match the value you receive without an assumption of you moving further along in our sales pipeline. (Though people often become longer term clients after working with us for sure!)

Why? Because we designed them to have massive value and move the needle in the right direction—even if you don’t work with us again. And if you do work with us in the future, we’ve got a solid baseline to dive right into improvements.

That’s why typically recommend it as a first step when people reach out about done for you SEO but aren’t ready to dive into our Accelerator. Here’s what it looks like:

⭐️ A real human (whomever on our team has the most subject matter expertise in your field) looks through every page of your site
⭐️ We flag all kinds of opportunities for improvement in a page by page doc
⭐️A real human performs a tech audit on your site with our SEO software, reviews it line by line, removing unnecessary flags, highlighting high priority issues, and commenting as appropriate when context will create clarity
⭐️ As appropriate, we look at other issues such as your link profile or Google Business Profile to again flag issues and opportunities
⭐️ You then meet with yours truly and talk through everything and we even get under the hood of your site and make tweaks together
⭐️ We also collaborate on prioritizing your best next step—based on your business goals, not a cookie cutter template
⭐️ I give you access to any supporting resources I have that may help you

You’re always welcome to send a quick email with clarifying questions after our session. If you’d like ongoing support, reach out about your options!

Yes, you can record your session using your own Zoom account. Redistribution is not permitted, however—this is only for your personal use and reference and for sharing with your team.

No problem! Just email us and we’ll set you up manually. We’re proud to say that we have clients on six contents and 26 countries—and we’re happy you’d like to connect with our team.

Most of the time, the answer is yes! Our SEO Intensive or our Accelerator package are ideal for this, and you can get a credit for your Assessment investment if booked within 30 days.

Sure thing! We recommend an assessment and SEO audit every six months if you’re actively leveraging SEO as part of your marketing strategy.

Absolutely! If you have a quick question, use this form.

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