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One hour of actionable marketing and business advice from Sarah, in an easy ask me anything format

Looking for knowledgeable, ethical business advice from someone who's been there, done that?

Then book a strategy session with Sarah to get insights into creating a sustainable marketing strategy, your next business move, your Squarespace or WordPress website, SEO, productizing your consulting business, or ideas about improving your content strategy.  This is a fantastic option for “testing the waters” to see if we’ll work well in a larger collaboration. 

Strategic marketing & business advice—just a click away​.
Book your 1:1 with Sarah now.

Use our easy-peasy scheduler to book your strategy session with Sarah. We’ll ask you a few questions, and reach out if we need any additional information.  Looking for ongoing marketing coaching? Reach out to learn about custom packages, check out our 1:1 solution for designers in need of business coaching, Spark Sessions, or explore our Alignthority™ Accelerator.

If you’re located in a timezone in which none of the available times work for you, please reach out and we’ll make it work!

Does this sound like you?

  • Stuck on what your next  move should be?
  • Have information overload from way too much research?
  • Thinking about a website but want to get some advice before diving in head first?
  • Feel like there’s so much noise online that you can’t get clear on what your first steps should be?
  • Tired of being told all this online marketing stuff is “easy” when it’s really not at all?
  • The marketing stuff you’re “supposed” to do doesn’t feel quite right?

Would you like to?

  • Get clarity on your marketing, SEO, or website strategy without any strings attached?
  • Learn about options from an expert whose only agenda is to help you succeed?
  • Have someone on “speed dial” who’s been there, done that?
  • Get practical, actionable advice, not just platitudes—that you can implement right away?
  • Figure out a way to market yourself and not feel gross about the whole thing?

Then you'll love an "ask me anything" session!

  • One hour virtual session over Zoom.
  • “Ask me anything” format—the hour is yours, so ask away!
  • No further obligation, no upsells, no “gross” marketing after we’ve worked together in our session.
  • This is all about getting questions answered or receiving a second opinion!
  • Designer, creative pro or consultant? We can dig into meaty subjects like pricing, packages, and productizing services too!

1:1 Ask Me Anything Sessions are great for a quick hit of strategy—if you're ready to level up to a more focused, high-touch marketing and business consulting process, Spark Sessions is just the ticket.

Strategy Session FAQs

Yes, you can record your session using your own Zoom account. Redistribution is not permitted, however—this is only for your personal use and reference.

No problem! Just email us and we’ll set you up manually instead of messing with this scheduler. We’re proud to say that we have clients on six contents and 26 countries—and we’re happy you’d like to connect with our team.

This is a new option we’re testing! Voxer is a nifty app that works like a walkie talkie. You simply download the free app, add me after your strategy session, and can send me follow up questions (keep the questions under a minute). I’ll “Vox” you back during the normal working day (please know that I’m in Pacific Time and do have client calls during the day, so you won’t always get an immediate response). 

This is asynchronous communication, which is great for busy people!

We offer monthly sessions that are 90 minutes in length instead of the standard one hour. Learn about that here.

This is a one on one, ask me anything format designed, not group facilitation.

If you would like a team member or group to join you, reach out to our team to discuss pricing and timing for group facilitation.

Absolutely! Sarah works 1:1 with creatives all the time! You may also want to check out Spark Sessions or the Business Mentoring Program.

Sure thing! You should have a discount code to use or use our “secret link” for past clients if we have an invoicing agreement in place.

This is an ask me anything session, without additional support included. If you anticipate needing support between sessions, inquire about Spark Sessions (six weeks) or the Accelerator (three months) instead! 

With that said, you’re always welcome to send a quick email with clarifying questions after our session.

While I can make recommendations for improvement, it’s not possible to do a full audit in one hour. Reach out about our Audit and Opportunities Program if you’re ready to get serious about SEO.

Clients who are interested in working with us are welcome to inquire about working with us and if it feels like a fit, we’ll send a link for a free Alignment Call with Sarah to talk through your unique situation and how we can help (or make referrals if we can’t). 

We found that free strategy calls were simply sales calls that didn’t move the needle—instead, these sessions are more honest, ethical, and focused on your needs, not our sales pipeline. 

In fact, part of our Aligned Authority™ framework includes building a one-off session into your marketing strategy, as it’s a great way to build relationships. In short, we take our own medicine!


Absolutely! If you have a quick question, use this form.

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