Office Hours with Sarah

Looking for knowledgable, actionable advice from someone who's been there, done that? Then book an Office Hours session with Sarah to get insights into your Squarespace or WordPress website, productizing your consulting business, or ideas about how to improve your content strategy. Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out and ask!

(Psst... are you in our membership? Make sure to use your free annual strategy session or discount when booking!)

Does this describe you?

Stuck on what your next website move should be?
Have information overload from way too much research?
Thinking about a website but want to get some advice before diving in feet first?
Feel like there's so much noise online that you can't get clear on what your first steps should be?
Tired of being told all this online marketing stuff is "easy" when it's really not at all?
The marketing stuff you're "supposed" to do doesn't feel quite right?

Would you like to?

Get clarity on your website strategy without any strings attached?
Learn about options from an expert whose only agenda is to help you succeed?
Have someone on "speed dial" who's been there, done that?
Get practical, actionable advice, not just platitudes—that you can implement right away?
Figure out a way to market yourself and not feel gross about the whole thing?

Then a strategy session is just the ticket!

One hour virtual session over Zoom, a cool video conferencing tool.
"Ask me anything" format—the hour is yours, so ask away!
Designer, creative pro or consultant? We can dig into meaty subjects like pricing, packages, and productizing services too!
Got tech questions? (What's a domain? Should I use Squarespace or WordPress? How should I host my course?) No problem!
No further obligation, no upsells, no "gross" marketing after we've worked together in our session. This is all about getting questions answered or receiving a second opinion!

Book Your Hour with Sarah

Use our easy-peasy scheduler to book your office hours strategy session with Sarah. You'll be asked a few questions, and we'll reach out if we need any additional information. You'll receive instructions about how to access your call via Zoom, an online conferencing app. (Pro tip: Our annual members receive a free strategy session each year and ongoing discounts for sessions with Sarah, as well as product discounts. Check it out here, if this sounds awesome to you!)

Purchase a three-session package to use at your convenience.

Clients find this to be a great value, as you can use these sessions whenever you need to get “unstuck” and know that Sarah is familiar with your business and its goals. Once purchased, you’ll receive a code to use in our online scheduler. You can book all three sessions at once, or just book the first one and “play it by ear.” 

It's hard to find a business consultant who's got the ability to take a big picture view – Sarah's brilliant at this. If you're good at helping your clients' businesses thrive but need a clever person to help you take your own advice, Sarah has the skills, enthusiasm, and tools to do this – she'll help you thrive too!

Joanie Gorman

JIG Creative