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Need guidance from someone who's been there? After over a dozen years in business and growing SM&Co into a flourishing company, I've seen it all. And I love to share and support other creative pros. During our initial session, we'll conduct an Aligned Authority™ Assessment, and then spend each month of our time together working through the three pillars of our framework. You'll be held accountable and pushed while tackling subjects such as pricing/packaging/productization, content marketing, systems and client management. Expect to work hard to see the best results!


Struggling in your Creative business?

Would you like to?

Then a three-month mentorship May Be a great Fit!

Got Questions?

The three month mentoring process is $3,600 USD when paid in advance—monthly payment plans are also available upon request. Your monthly payment must be on an auto-pay schedule. 

I don’t know! Are you ready to get serious about making changes that will move the needle in your business? Are you open to advice? Then let’s talk and see if it’s a good fit. If you’re not ready, that’s fine too. 

Absolutely not! I 100% believe that it’s crucial that we all take ownership of our respective businesses and creating content and implementing changes is part of that process of ownership.

Only in a legit emergency, such as illness, injury, bereavement, you get the picture. We cannot pause the engagement for your vacation, but we can build your schedule around it. (Though you may lose some momentum.)

Nope! This is a one to one engagement. You’re welcome to record our sessions and share them, though. (Please don’t publish them on the internet, though—that’s super uncool.) 

Probably! I don’t want to create one of those toxic relationships that’s common in the coaching world where you’re dependent on me, but if you are continuing to make forward progress and I believe I’m helping you to do so, you can continue to work with me on a monthly basis following our initial engagement.

No problem! Just email me at and we’ll answer them. 🙂


Thank you for being such a great teacher and inspiration! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

— Former Student (tech Industry)

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One of the biggest challenges many of our clients have is streamlining their systems. The first step in that direction is creating an asset inventory. We’ve developed a guide and template to make that process so much easier. Grab it at the link below.