Successful Marketing Strategies: A Self Assessment

What's your next marketing move?

Take this assessment and discover what your best next step is in your marketing strategy—using our unique Alignthority™ System. Each result not only identifies your next move, but provides at least three actionable tips or resources to support your journey.

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What you'll uncover:

This assessment provides a snapshot of your best next step using our proprietary and approachable Alignthority™ System. Designed to meet you where you’re at, this assessment will guide you to making a smart, savvy decision that will move the needle efficiently and effectively. Each result includes:

Sarah is an expert in her field and is also a wonderful human who is a great mentor regardless of seniority

I’ve been a very happy recipient of Sarah’s consulting services for designers for years now. Sarah’s business mentoring is an essential part of my process and always helps to give me clarity when I’m stuck in the weeds or overwhelmed.
— Nic SIdoti, Sudio Clvr (Sydney, Aus)—

About Sarah Moon

Meet Your Guide

I’m Sarah, and I’m on a wild mission to re-invent modern marketing, to create something empathetic, and human-centered. Does this appeal to you? Then you’ve found the right place. 

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Step One: Know Your Best Next Step

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