Fuel your success with a marketing and business advisory retainer that fits just right.

More than a one-time boost: Partner with us for lasting impact, tailored to your dynamic business needs.

No one-size-fits-all path: Find your perfect partnership among three flexible plans powered by our signature Alignthority™ strategy system–the engine fueling your business evolution. Seamless adjustments with effortless exits across all three tiers— experience growth with flexibility.

Alignthority™ Accelerator Alumni Retainer

Sustain your strategic momentum with Team SM&Co’s Quarterly Alignthority™ Momentum Program.

This hybrid solution blends Sarah’s expert guidance with the tailored execution of Team SM&Co, moving the need in your business forward each quarter.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Monthly Strategic Consulting Session (90 minutes): Collaborate with Sarah to refine your vision, identify key growth levers, and craft actionable strategies.
  • Priority Access to Sarah’s Expertise: Enjoy preferential rates on additional one-on-one sessions for deeper dives into specific challenges.
  • Dynamic Content Strategizing: Leverage our expertise to refine your content roadmap that aligns with evolving opportunities and market shifts.
  • Collaborative Content Optimization: Enhance your website and blog content (up to three pages/posts per quarter) through meticulous review and improvement within Google Docs.
  • SEO-Focused Website Polishing: We’ll sprinkle SEO magic on your new website content (up to 3 pages/posts each quarter), boosting its Google love.
  • Compelling Visual Storytelling: Stand out from the crowd with a custom infographic or visual each quarter (crafted in Canva, of course), showcasing your expertise in a captivating way.
  • Need quick advice? Reach out via email or Voxer (choose your channel!) for ad hoc support.
  • SEO Spring Cleaning (All Year Round): We’ll handle light SEO fixes like page redirections, keeping your site sparkling clean. Need a deep dive? Access Sarah’s expertise for a preferred rate.

Invest in sustained growth with our limited-availability Alignthority™ alumni program.

Limited spots available! Secure your place for $5,000/quarter or request a flexible $1,675 USD per month payment plan. 

Monthly Back Pocket Strategist

Mulling over an idea? Facing a complex challenge? Words escaping you?

Here’s how it works:

  • As-needed support: Mon-Thurs, connect asynchronously via Voxer (voice or text) to discuss your ideas, challenges, and roadblocks.
  • Just-in-time guidance: Need a quick sounding board? Get the advice you need before moving forward.
  • Tailored expertise: I already know you, your strengths, your special magic, and your business nuance. No cookie cutter advice here!

Previous Spark Session, Alignthority™ Accelerator, and business mentoring clients get priority access to this offering.

New clients can join after a one-time strategy intensive ($1,500 USD), to set goals, familiarize each other with our styles, create a shared language, and prepare for a successful Back Pocket Strategist partnership.

Space is limited. Rate: $595/mo. Cancel anytime. Pair with monthly strategy session to get even more from our partnership.

Monthly Alignthority™ Strategy Consulting Session

Stuck in a marketing rut? Get a monthly laser-focused 90-minute strategy session with Sarah.

Dive deep into your biggest challenges each month and leave with clear action steps and expert guidance to propel you forward.

In your customized 90-minute monthly strategy session, we’ll:

  • Tailor the focus to your unique challenges.
  • Tap into my diverse expertise for actionable solutions.
  • Get practical strategies to refine your marketing, offers, and content.

These power-packed monthly sessions are perfect for:

  • Past clients: Get your monthly strategic boost and head back to your team with a rock-solid plan.
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs: Confident in your execution? Maximize your results with my strategic  insights.

Pair it with the Back Pocket Strategist to get even more support. Space is limited. Rate: $495/mo; minimum 3 month commitment. If you are interested in 2x per month sessions, the rate is $950/mo.


Hi, I’m Sarah, your marketing & business strategy guide: a passionate advocate for building impactful businesses that shake things up for the common good.

Forget bland, boring marketing. I’m on a mission to re-envision it as a force for ethical growth, genuine connection, and positive change.

After 20+ years in the marketing circus, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ll collaborate with empathy, compassion, and a dash of tough love when you need it most.

But I’m not just all strategy and stats. I’m a dog-loving, cycling-fanatic, SUP enthusiast, and coffee nerd who believes in putting people first.

Ready for an ongoing thought partnership? Let’s build momentum towards a vision that feels good and fits just right for you. Connect with me and discover how we can collaborate on an ongoing basis to create lasting impact.

Headshot of Sarah Moon

Ongoing Support Q&A

It depends! Send us a note at to discuss. 

Back Pocket Strategist is super cool! You download a free app called Voxer, and once you’re onboarded into the program, you’ll get instructions for adding me to your app. 

Then, you can ask questions and send me notes whenever inspiration strikes. I’ll answer Monday – Thursday within the cadence of the regular working day. My private clients have been using this system over the last year and love it and many have added it into their own practices. 

There are no Zoom calls, but you can bundle Back Pocket Strategist with a Monthly Alignthority™ Strategy Consulting Session to get more support. 

Monthly strategy consulting clients do not have access outside of our sessions. You are welcome to add Back Pocket Strategist to your package, however. Back Pocket Strategist clients exclusively have access via Voxer. Our quarterly retainer clients have both. 

We find that most clients don’t read their SEO reports, or if they do, they find them overwhelming and stressful, so we no longer provide them. Instead, we can look through your data together in our quarterly Strategy Consulting Session.

Reach out at and we’ll take a look at the calendar. 

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