Where do I put my lead magnet on my website?

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One of our members asked a great question during our workshop on mastering creating a five page guide as a lead magnet,

Where do I put my lead magnet on my website?

You typically see these on people’s homepage’s but I think there’s a better way—launch it with a blog post to bring in organic traffic! Check out the video below to hear my whole answer!

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Hello. Hello, it’s Sarah here. Kath nudged me to answer a question from our membership session earlier, that we do every month. We do a live workshop with me and then a couple weeks later. We do a co-working session with Kath. Someone in our live workshop with me asked a great question and it was something really simple and it was something that I hadn’t thought about addressing before and the question that was asked was “if you’re creating a lead magnets, especially something kind of meaty like an e-book, a guide, something that you put quite a bit of work into: where do you put that on your website?”

I hadn’t thought about it because I kind of autopilot that and it was something that I had, you know, I just sort of have a standard operating procedure and it wasn’t something I thought about addressing. So what I do—and this is what I recommend that you guys do—is if you’ve gone to the work to create something that’s a pretty substantial lead magnet. So your five page guide, ebook, maybe a really high-quality workbook. I’m thinking even like a mini course. (We’ve had really good luck with those as lead magnets.) What I would recommend is actually launching that they don’t do anything super fancy, but launch it with a blog post.

Here’s why: blog posts are very uniquely search optimized and if you’re very cognizant of the keywords you’re targeting you could actually bring in traffic to your website to then do the exact thing you want people to do when they come to your website, which is sign up for your email list (and I could get all into why that’s my primary goal of my website, but I won’t in this particular video) and by doing that what you’re doing is you create this search optimized blog post, you put in that title parentheses “plus a free guide” which really helps with conversion optimization in Google. You give some of the highlights and what are you’re going to expect in the guide and then you embed a sign up form for that guide right in that blog post. Now, there’s other things you can do. Some of the things I’ve recommended are if you have a ton of these kind of things create a resource center, create, you know, a popup on pages that are related to whatever that guide is about, anything like that.

You can get creative if you’re you know, wanting to revitalize an old lead magnet then you could even, if you’re using Squarespace, put it in announcement bar—WordPress has some similar tools. So there’s lots of things that you can do to also revitalize some of that old stuff and I was actually looking through my whole sort of resource library and I was thinking oh, there’s some stuff I should revitalize so I’m going to experiment with a couple of things this month myself and I’ll report back.

The first is I’m going to write a new lead magnet, a new five page guide for my website. It’s going to be on a really weird topic. So we’ll see how it does and then I’m going to look and see what I’ve got that I’ve created in the past because I have some pretty old stuff and see if I can use those and some creative ways maybe write a new blog post and embed that and kind of relaunch one of those lead magnets and just
see how it does. It’ll be an experiment and I’ll report back.

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