Summer of SEO

Get Found in Google with Simple SEO Marketing Funnels

We're dedicating our summer to helping you get found in the search engine and build a sustainable, aligned marketing engine.

If you’re ready to use your subject matter expertise to get your message in front of the right audience, it’s never been more critical to take the next step.

Your unique voice and perspective has never been more important—in a world of AI bots, depth of knowledge and distinctive perspective will stand above same-old, generic messages. And search is still the most effective way to reach the most people with that message. 

From DIY SEO workshops to deep-dive done for you SEO solutions, you’ll love the Summer of SEO.

SEO Funnel Roadmap

The SEO Blueprint for Consultants, Coaches, and Service Providers 

Live Workshop on June 21 @ 11am PDT – $95 USD

The secret to getting discovered by the right clients who will joyfully pay for your premium service? Search-driven thought leadership. That’s right, content.

But too often people just create random articles and blog posts thinking they’ll be found. And it doesn’t work. You need a system—and we’ve cracked the code.  Join Sarah in this live, interactive workshop  on June 21 (recording available within 24 hours). 

Note: This is an updated version of our former workshop, “Get Found Blueprint.”

Search-First Pillars

Discover our tried and true method for creating website pillar content.

Live Workshop on July 19 @ 11am PDT – $95 USD

No only is this is a fantastic tool for growing your website traffic, it is what we leverage to create a content “swipe file” for your social media, newsletter, and even when talking to clients and leads! We’ve also seen clients repurpose their pillar strategy into YouTube videos, Facebook lives, and more. 

This workshop on July 19 (recording available within 14 hours) is best when paired with the SEO Funnels workshop or if you have experience with the concept of topic or content clusters. 

Get Found with Q&As

Your potential clients have questions—and you’ve got the answers! We’ll show you how to harness client curiosity to grow your audience—and your revenue

Live Workshop on Aug 16 @ 11am PDT – $95 USD


Q&As are a simple, effective strategy for consultants, coaches, and experts to get found in a noisy search engine.

In this workshop (recording available within 24 hours), Sarah will walk you through exactly what you need to do to potentially rank with question-focused content that attracts right-fit clients into your marketing ecosystem. 

All-Access Workshop Pass

Get all three of our SEO Funnel Workshops for the great price of $250!

The all-access pass includes the following workshops: 

  • SEO Funnel Roadmap (June 21)
  • Search-First Pillars (July 19)
  • Get Found with Q&As (Aug 16)

This three-part live workshop series will be delivered in Summer of 2023 and all-access pass holders will be prioritized during the Q&A sessions. 

The price for the all access pass will increase to $495 on Aug 16, 2023. No upgrades will be available after that date. 

Go VIP with Spark Sessions

Join Sarah’s signature 1:1 marketing strategy program this summer and automatically get an all-access pass to all three Summer of SEO workshops.

All of Sarah’s private clients get access to the Summer of SEO workshops. If you’re ready to get serious about your marketing and content strategy—on your terms, go VIP with Spark Sessions this summer. 

Very limited spots available for this process in summer of 2023—we recommend reaching out to request a call with Sarah to discuss Spark Sessions as soon as you feel you are ready. 

Spark Sessions is a $3,500 usd investment. This is a focused, strategic process that is tailored for each client. Think a VIP day without the stress and overwhelm of a single day! Learn more about this one of a kind process here.

Prefer done-for-you SEO?

If you want to check “Get My SEO Sorted” off of your marketing to do list, then we’ve reserved a handful of spots in our done-for-you SEO program. 

You have two tracks to choose from: The SEO Intensive and the Audit & Opportunities Assessment. The Intensive comes with the bonus of the All-Access Pass, which is great if you have a team member ready to learn all about SEO—the Aligned Authority™ way.

Choose your path, and let’s get you found!

SEO Intensive

Get Found—No Sleaze Allowed

$3,500 - 4,500 usd

Your SEO intensive is tailored to meet your needs, 100 percent. Over our 15 years working with strategy SEO projects, we’ve discovered that too many clients have been forced into copy-paste search strategies without their business goals at the forefront. So, we’re on a mission to ensure our clients’ SEO is both effective and ethical.

Three Two spots available.

Deep-dive audit
Priority setting session with Sarah
Keyword research tailored for your niche and audience
Day-long SEO implementation intensive
Post-intensive documentation (so you know what was done to move the needle)
All-access pass to Summer of SEO workshops for you or a team member
Access to our entire client resource library
Audit & Opportunities Assessment

Discover your next best step

$1,250 usd

The Audit & Opportunities Assessment is the perfect chance to get one on one help with your SEO at an approachable price point.

Technical audit
Content SEO assessment
Competitor keyword review
1.5 - 2 hr strategy and get it done hands-on session with Sarah
Accessible Google doc to follow as you make improvements
Option to upgrade to SEO Intensive (if space available)
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More Organic Traffic

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05/24/2023 @ 12pm PDT
6/20 @ 2pm PDT
06/21/2023 @ 11am PDT
07/19/2023 @ 11am PDT
08/15/2023 @ 11am PDT
Three Keys to SEO Success (Free Workshop)
Are you ready to expand your reach—and your impact? You'll love this simple, repeatable framework!
Own It: A Conversation with Nequosha Anderson, Esq (free event)
If you're going to commit to content that brings in leads, it's also time to get serious about protecting your creation. In this free conversation with SM&Co's own intellectual property attorney, you'll discover the surprising steps all content creators need to take to protect their writing, videos.
Workshop: SEO Funnel Roadmap
The secret to getting discovered by the right clients who will joyfully pay for your premium service? Search-driven thought leadership—designed to rank.
Workshop: Search First Pillars
The search first foundation for consultants, coaches, and service providers. Pillar content is a strategic, repeatable, repurposing-friendly element that's a must-have in any savvy content marketers' toolkit. This workshop will walk you through the exact framework for pillar content that ranks.
Last Day to Start SEO Intensive
Aug 1 is the deadline for starting the process of booking a done for you SEO Intensive. Please reach out by Aug 1 to get your site optimized and ready for the fall sales and marketing cycle.
Last Day to Go All-Access
This is the last day to go all access to get the bundle price for all three SEO Workshops. No upgrades available after this date.
Workshop: Get Found with Q&As
The search first foundation for consultants, coaches, and service providers. Pillar content is a strategic, repeatable, repurposing-friendly element that's a must-have in any savvy content marketers' toolkit. This workshop will walk you through the exact framework for pillar content that ranks.
Last Day to Book Audit & Opportunities Assessment
This is the last day to book an SEO Audit & Opportunities Assessment before fall pricing goes into effect.

Summer of SEO 2023 Q&A

No problem! We’ll have recordings available within 24 hours and you can always submit questions to us directly if your timezone does’t work to join live. 

Absolutely! We strive to get recordings up within 24 hours and transcripts up within 10 days.

We would love for you to take a workshop or get done for you SEO solutions for your own business! In fact, about 35% of our clients are creatives! 

Please, however, understand that our methods are for use in your own business and we are not licensing them to you to use with your client projects. 

For sure! Our team will be adding our Spark Sessions, Accelerator, and Business Mentoring clients to the All Access pass, but if you don’t see the invite, reach out and we’ll take care of you. 

This is some limited availability for this, it’ll be offered as an option when you check out. 

You certainly can! You can simply check out one at a time, or reach out to Josh at and he’ll help you set up a bulk purchase. 

Reach out to Josh at and he’ll give you a 50% off coupon for the SEO Funnel Roadmap workshop. 

That’s up to you—depending on your capacity, budget, and priorities, both options make lots of sense. 

The happy medium is the VIP track, Spark Sessions, which includes our workshops and a done with you marketing strategy process with Sarah.

Please buy the workshops or all access pass understanding that we cannot issue refunds for digital workshops. 

The fees are all available on this page, but here’s a quick recap: 

  • Individual workshops: $95
  • All-access workshop pass: $250
  • VIP Track (Spark Sessions): $2,950
  • Audit & Opportunities Assessment: $995
  • Done for You SEO Intensive: $4,500

All prices are in US Dollars. Payment plans are available upon request for Spark Sessions and the SEO Intensive (please discuss with Sarah at your Alignment Call). 

It’s hard to say! It depends on the popularity this year, our own capacity, and what happens in the world. If you like the idea of Summer of SEO, do it now!

Absolutely! If you have a quick question, use this form.

Want a taste test of SEO—done without sleaze or ick? Watch the replay of Sarah's free workshop, "Engineer Luck: The Secret Sauce of SEO Funnels."

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