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Are you literally stuck on the first page of your website? Creating the content for your homepage can be a serious challenge—and we’d love to help! 

Our Design in a Day™ Method is mUch More than a Website—it's a VIP Intensive Focused Soley on your success

Put your website on autopilot with our VIP website design intensive! Our method utilizes is a strategic (the most important thing) system that’s crafted with your business goals first and foremost. Backed by a professional, experienced, business-focused design and strategy team, you will be confident launching your new Squarespace website with your best foot forward.

No More Tedious back and Forth

Our design team creates a polished, marketing-focused Squarespace website for you using best practices in as little single day—thanks to a signature planning and preparation process. Our goal? To make the website process feel like it’s simply magic!

All you have to do is prepare your content with guidance from our client-exclusive content creation course and answer some simple questions and we’ll take care of the design from start to finish! You simply show up for your refinement session with the design team, and we’ll make your tweaks and adjustments live. (See? Magic!)

Support Every Step of the Way

Content prep sound terrifying? Don’t worry—our unique framework takes the fear out of staring at that blank page, providing you with guidance on website copy that actually converts visitors into leads and clients.

Got SEO concerns? Basic search engine optimization is included, or upgrade to include done for you keyword research, page title/description optimizations and more with our popular Essentials package.

PRactical, Yet Powerful

Our Design in a Day™ Method includes everything you need and exactly zero drama. You’ll work closely with our design team so you’re empowered to tweak your content, refine your content strategy and make your website work for you—think of your site like a virtual employee working hard for you while you do your actual work.

The result? You can be confident that this is a professional, ready-to-go website you can launch immediately and you will grow with!

If there was a button for 10 stars I would give it to Sarah Moon. 

She and her team are extraordinary value for money. I used her Design in a Day™ Method website services: my Squarespace site wasn’t super straightforward but Sarah was brilliant. She helped me figure out a strategy that went to the heart of who I am and what I want to say. Her visual sensibilities are spot on. Her system of rolling out a website is really quite ingenious. I am so, so thankful I found Sarah Moon on the interwebs and if you have made it this far, just hire her already. She is a gift.

— Amanda Gersch, Author & Copywriter

This process is a great fit if you:
You may not be ready for this if you:

Our Transparent Squarespace Website Design Pricing


a simple, but stellar website (limited availability)

  • Dedicated Design Day
  • This is when the magic happens and your design comes to life. 

  • Five Pages + a Blog (five posts)
  • This is just enough for a starter website. Not ready to blog? We'll set you up with gorgeous post templates to follow when you are ready.

  • A stylish and effective done for you website design
  • Practical, yet powerful is what we always say. A small website can pack a mighty punch!

  • Basic Squarespace SEO
  • You'll need to provide your own metas, but we'll take care of the rest. 

  • Blog set up and five posts formatted using our custom template
  • We've experimented a lot and know what formats convert visitors to leads, so we provide you with templates to follow in the future to get the most out of your blogging efforts. 

  • Strategy session with Sarah
  • Before your Design Day, we'll dive into the design strategy to make sure your business goals are aligned with the design vision. 

  • Our exclusive content creation course, only for DIAD clients
  • You're not alone—our materials will guide you through writing your content. 

  • 1:1 training session
  • Our team will make sure you know how your site works—and why it's set up the way it is. 

  • Six months access to our learning library
  • A website is a beginning, not an end, so our website design clients get six free access to our marketing lessons archive

  • Ability to book updates & more
  • Only our website design clients can access our updates services.

$ 3,500
flat rate
(payment plans available, PayPal Credit accepted)


add SEO strategy & implementation

  • Everything in Starter, plus, these fabulous extras:
  • Like we said, it's a popular choice!

  • Strategic SEO planning
  • Squarespace has unique quirks that we understand deeply—we've got a plan for that.

  • Done for you search engine optimization
  • Keyword research, content optimization, and more—we'll take care of it all!

  • Blog set up and five posts formatted using our custom template
  • We've experimented a lot and know what formats convert visitors to leads.

  • A bonus strategy session or training for a team member to use within 30 day
  • This will help ensure you're actually using your shiny new website to its fullest!

$ 5,500
flat rate
(payment plans available, PayPal Credit accepted)

We 100% design your website for you! 

We are able to bring an effective, strategic vision to life because we’re one of the most experienced Squarespace design studios around. We’ve helped hundreds of clients launch the right way, year after year. With us, you can feel confident we know our stuff and you’ll see that in our collaboration with you. 

Also, we do internal strategy prior to your Design Day so we hit the ground running that morning. Why waste time when you can launch effectively and quickly? 

We are not branding specialists—just like how your brand designer isn’t a web strategist, we aren’t brand strategists. 

We’re happy to connect you with brand designers we recommend and give you feedback on your brand designer’s proposed brand direction, though! 

If a wordmark is just enough for you, that’s fine and we can help with this—just let us know!

We’ve got a plan for that! Our alums are eligible for a discounted strategy and update session—just reach out to Sarah and we’ll send you the information. We’re there for you for the long haul. 

The Design in a Day™ Method was created to serve experts, thought leaders and authorities. Examples are lawyers, consultants, writers, florists, PR firms—you get the picture. If you offer high value services to others, this is likely the solution for you!

You will get a completely designed custom website, training, proofreading, domain mapping, basic search engine optimization and more. It’s all the pieces you need to be positioned for success and leverage your website as you grow.

Possibly! Reach out to Sarah at about your options!

We’re completely remote! We collaborate virtually over  Zoom, plus email. As long as you do your homework (complete our questionnaires, view our tutorial videos, etc), we get to work and deliver a completed website! 

This is a 1:1 solution, which is why we can offer a custom website and VIP experience at such competitive rates. If you have a committee or team, you’ll need to decide amongst your team who the primary point of contact and decision maker will be. We are not able to mediate between your team members, as you know your business organization best!

You’ll need to be available for approximately 90 minutes on your Design Day—that’s it! (We can also accommodate timezone differences, just reach out.)

Usually this is possible within 90 days, if you have not made substantive design or content changes to your website. 

Those extra rounds of revisions simply aren’t necessary. We cut out the back and forth and opt for live refinements with this method so we can offer awesome custom sites in a more time-smart manner. The traditional website design process can waste clients’ time and asks too much of them in terms of understanding wireframes and tech. Our clients LOVE this as they get their new site right away and they learn how to tweak things as their needs change. 

You can also add a second half day Design Day, an additional training session, or an updates session in the future. We believe in this model because we see the results—our VIP intensive clients have results that are far superior. That’s why we eliminated our slow design process at the end of 2020. 

You can add extra pages for an additional fee as well—just let us know and we’ll send you a quote.

You have two choices: 

  1. Reschedule your Design Day (this is permitted one time for non-emergency issues);
  2. We can design your site with placeholders and you can fill it in.

You can add a handful of pages to your website for an additional fee.

Sure thing! You can set up a two-part payment plan with us, with the second payment due 24 hours prior to your Design Day. We are also able to accept PayPal Credit (you have to apply with PayPal via a link on a special invoice we’ll send you), which allows six months of interest free payments. Let us know if you’d like a PayPal invoice with this option. (Again, we have no control over whether or not PayPal qualifies you—it’s simply an option we offer.)

Frankly, that’s never happened! Our team works with you on live refinements so you can tweak things so your site is polished and beautiful! If you are unhappy with your design, please speak up and we will work with you to determine an appropriate solution. 

Content revisions are the responsibility of the client, as we expect all content to be in final state when we receive it. You’ll receive A+ training on how to modify your content, though!

No problem! Reach out to us at and we’ll answer you ASAP!


Transformed my business model! 

I knew they were amazing designers from a previous site, so when I wanted to launch a new Squarespace site SM&Co was my first stop. Not only did they design a beautiful and highly functional site, but the questions they asked prior to the process and the follow-up video tutorials have added enormous value to my business. I was clear on what I offer, but floundering on how to reach the right audience.

Going through the process I feel confident that I can reach and engage the right audience with the right content with far less ongoing effort.

Plenty of hacks can create a website, but this supports and enhances my business. SM&Co is an invaluable partner for any consultant or business owner.

— Rebecca Wear Robinson, RWR Consultants

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