Case Study: Pacific Coast Dermatology Squarespace Website (update 2021)

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We love building longterm relationships with clients. As a website strategist with a business growth focus, this allows me to really understand business goals and progressively help our clients work towards that destination.

Pacific Coast Dermatology Squarespace Website
Pacific Coast Dermatology Squarespace Website

We first worked with Shaheen, a dermatologist in the Bay Area referred to us by our friends at Duet Plastic Surgery, over two years ago when she launched a personal brand website on Squarespace (aff link) while still working in another practice. Then, she mentioned that her long term goal was to open her own dermatology office. She had a vision and a plan!

Over the next two years Shaheen worked with us to continually update, expand and fine-tune her Squarespace website and its strategy.

The big priority was the blog and content marketing that would serve as “money in the bank” for her business. This is a very competitive field and largely referral based. Her blog spoke to potential referring physicians, which is huge source of authority generation in her field.

Most recently, she leveled up after opening her new office by having a brand photoshoot that emphasized the personal attention her team provides patients and subtly emphasized that they go above and beyond with covid-19 protocols.

Shaheen also veers away from the traditional medical practice mode of secrecy around pricing. Instead, she showcases exactly how much self-pay patients will spend on common procedures, which is a huge advantage over the competition. It’s remarkable what a differentiator small, strategic choices like that can make! (Spoiler alert: When clients ask if they should publicly post pricing, our answer is always “Yes!”)

Websites aren’t static, but too often we treat them like they are. Shaheen’s business is a wonderful one to emulate in terms of continuing to grow, adapt and transform her website to bolster progress towards her goals.

Disclosure: Please note that some links on this website are affiliate links, which generates a small amount of revenue to support the free content we provide.

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