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In our January AMA we talked about making your contact page work for you. It’s more than making it look good—it’s about creating a streamlined system that make you and your audience happy! This excerpt is an important reminder to control your email before it controls you. The transcript follows below.

The whole reasoning behind trying to streamline and buy yourself time is that many of us end up having our days ruled by our inbox.

That puts you in reaction mode instead of proaction mode. And so you spend your whole day reacting to what’s coming in your inbox. And then at the end of the week, you’re like, “I haven’t gotten anything done,” because you spent the whole week reacting to your inbox.

That is a really toxic cycle and it’s really hard to break.

So your contact page is at first line of defense to help get out of that habit. And I know that habit, and I know how kind of toxic it can be. My little pep talk for you is you don’t want to react to have everything in your day, be reacting to what’s coming into your email.

If you can have systems that help get ahead of that, it will improve your workflow, you will be able to take time to write a blog post that will bring in the right clients, you can take time to then write a weekly newsletter—it’s not so scary, you can take time to do a great lead magnet for that client that you know is out there and you just haven’t been able to create that thing.

If you can use your contact page to improve your efficiencies and create time to appropriately market your business to your ideal clients, it will pay off in spades.

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