Squarespace Website Design & Branding for Duet Plastic Surgery

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SM&Co reimagined what a medical business website can be.

When you think about medical websites, you think about something straightforward, corporate, and dare I say… boring. So, when the fabulous surgeons at Duet Plastic Surgery got in touch with me and told me that they wanted a little something different to reflect their practice that was way different, I jumped at the opportunity.

Duet is a rarity in the plastic surgery world—it’s owned and operated by two female doctors. I had no idea before I worked on this project, but plastic surgery practices tend to be male dominated and as a result, Drs. Lim and Weintraub attract a loyal patient base of women who know they get it.

Coupled with the fact that they’re powerhouse doctors trained at Ivy League institutions–this project was a perfect fit for our team.

 Duet Plastic Surgery Squarespace Website Redesign

DPS had a huge website and the new one is far more efficient and flexible, but nonetheless, it’s definitely a weighty site that’s packed full of resources and educational information for prospective patients. In their industry, potential patients are very savvy and have done extensive research prior to meeting with their provider. So, it was critical to meet those searchers where they were at in that regard.

Since the audience for this medical is primarily smart, savvy women—many of whom are in the Bay Area, but others who travel long distances to see Drs. Lim & Weintraub—we wanted to use imagery that would appeal to them, and allow them to “see themselves” on the website.

As a result, we spent a lot of time working sourcing representative, appropriate imagery that reflected this patient, creating a cohesive brand. We are all thrilled with the visuals that not only achieve this, but also reflect the wonderful diversity of their patients.

 New Duet Plastic Surgery Logo

In addition to designing the new Squarespace website, we also created new branding as well as copy for many of the website’s sections, particularly the physicians’ bios.

Graphic designer Ashli did a great job translating Sarah’s sloppy sketched out idea we created when she was in the Bay Area and visited the clients into something that was clean, contemporary and memorable. While our copyeditor took a ruthless pen to the copy. Thank you to our amazing team!

Hot magenta isn’t the right direction for every business, but many medical businesses can learn a lot from the Duet team’s willingness to commit to a strong brand design element like this.

You know that people will not forget a surgeon’s office that embraces such a strong, memorable look—the design reflects their personalities and their patients and isn’t trying to be all things to all people. This is why we also talk to clients extensively about who their audience is (and who their audience is not) during the early stages of the design discovery process.

 Social Media Cover Graphic Social Media Cover Graphic

Here are a few shots of the new site’s features:

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