New Freebie: Rock your portfolio!

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Are you struggling to curate your work? Spent hours and hours working on your portfolio and no one is looking at it? Still attracting the wrong clients?

Then it’s time to rethink your website’s portfolio—and make your past work work for you!

Our new free mini-training (it’s just over ten minutes—that’s it!) and workbook will help you understand the keys to a successful portfolio and how you need to change your mindset around what a portfolio can do for you!

We’ve worked with clients from all sorts of fields: photographers, event planners, writers, artists, illustrators, translators—you name it! And they all have the same thing in common, frustration over how to communicate about their past work. And I get it, it’s hard!

So, let’s simplify that and be guided by three key principles—if you attended our AMA in Nov. 2020, we covered this, but now we’ve added a workbook so you can dive into these principles and really identify your work that will, well, work for you!

So grab your workbook and video training and get starting rethinking your portfolio!

Disclosure: Please note that some links on this website are affiliate links, which generates a small amount of revenue to support the free content we provide.

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