Lazy Dancer Tips Strategic Squarespace Website Redesign

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Have you ever wondered what the limits of custom Squarespace website design is? Well, I’ve got a great example for you today. Our clients Lazy Dancer Tips have really leveled up their business in the last couple years, with a popular YouTube channel, a membership program and a new app. However, their old DIYed website didn’t sync up with the awesomeness of their programs. 

Through a wonderful bit of serendipity, they connect with our team and, as they say, the rest is history. 

We completely rethought their website, with the goal of reinforcing their distinctive brand and growing memberships to their wonderful programs that embrace the joy of ballet. Kath worked closely with Alessia and Iacopo to create a copy phrase book that she then developed their homepage, sales page, about page and spot copy from. Now, Lazy Dancer Tips has a uniform voice for their brand and a website design that converts their enthusiastic fans into customers. 

“Working with Sarah Moon & Co to create our new website has been a real pleasure. They’ve asked a huge amount of questions to better understand our brand and bring it to life in the copy and design. They’ve helped us achieve the website we wanted and guided us through the whole process. We’re glad we found them!”

— Lazy Dancer Tips

In addition to getting smart with the structure of this website through our signature Aligned Authority™ Website process, we were really able to push the limits with distinctive design elements in this Squarespace project. Frankly, it would have been easier to create a design like this in our favorite WordPress setup (Astra theme + Flywheel hosting + Elementor page builder), but Alessia and Iacopo had compelling reasons for wanting a Squarespace solution—they’re just so busy creating great content, they wanted a site that was as low maintenance as possible. 

So, we created some incredibly fun gradients, a color-shifting footer, a wild ribbon-style gradient button that I’m pretty jealous of and a custom font treatment in the form of additional header styles not typically available in Squarespace. Don’t try this at home, folks! 😉

We also had a ton of fun playing with graphics in this Squarespace project, developing a signature texture for them to use in their branding and a fun tea-themed set of icons for sales pages. 

Want to get started with a comprehensive project like this? Connect with the team right here.

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