How to Add Acuity Scheduling to Your Squarespace Website

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Image of small business owner reviewing their schedule on Acuity for Squarespace
Squarespace Scheduling, previously known as Acuity Scheduling is a feature available to users of the Squarespace platform. In this post discover how to use this tool for your small business website.

While Squarespace isn’t always the easiest platform to extend, one of the simplest things that any site owner can do is add Acuity scheduler to their site. What’s Acuity? Acuity is an easy to use, but fully-featured, tool for adding all kinds of scheduling to your website. 

Update 10/27/2021 We’ve added an updated video, including a discussion of ways online scheduling can help you grow your business and revenue!

Update 02/01/2020 Acuity is also known as Squarespace Scheduler. Yes, they’re exactly the same thing!

Update: 4/23/2019 – Acuity is no longer free for Squarespace users.

You can book simple phone calls, offer paid one on one appointments, run classes and workshops, and even—with the higher tier—run an entire business’s scheduling off of Acuity. It’s HIPAA compliant at the higher tier, so even medical professionals can use Acuity. Honestly, there’s nothing else at this level at such an accessible price point. Combined with the fact that Acuity integrates with loads of other apps, such as Zoom and GoToMeeting, Stripe and PayPal, FreshBooks, ConvertKit and more, it can really be an amazing hub for your business. 

Some clients have gotten a bit intimidated about how to integrate Acuity into their Squarespace website. It’s not at all hard—promise! I’m yet to have a client who can’t implement this themselves. Here are a few things you need to know. 

  • Acuity is available in “legacy” personal plans on Squarespace (older websites), and current business plans and above. This is a restriction we’ve spoken out about widely, and we would love to see Squarespace reconsider this restriction, as it’s very unfriendly to boot-strapping entrepreneurs.

  • Sign up for Acuity. You can do this on Acuity’s site or by following the link in the Acuity block on your Squarespace website.

  • Contact Acuity and let them know that you’re a Squarespace customer. They are super helpful and will set your account to a free “Emerging Entrepreneur” account type. This allows one calendar to sync. If your needs are more complex, you’ll need a higher tier plan.

  • Create some scheduling options.

  • Insert a Scheduling block, like you would any other block. Paste the link to either your whole Acuity scheduler or a single event type. You can see one of mine here.

  • That’s it! Save and you’re done! You’re now all set to offer scheduling on your Squarespace website. Super simple, right?

Quick & Easy How-To Video


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