Case Study: Meal Planning Startup Website on Squarespace 7.1

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When we talk to startup founders, they typically have a big vision for their website—but their business isn’t quite ready to launch yet, thanks to all the moving parts they’re tackling. That’s why we encourage them to think simple and focus on the elements they absolutely need to begin marketing their startup.

Enter professionally-designed Squarespace 7.1 websites—an ideal solution for nimble startups!

Meal Better’s Squarespace 7.1 website looks awesome on any device.

The dynamite duo of friends behind Meal Better are two chefs with a big idea: to make healthy, tasty food more accessible to busy families through meal planning help. Say goodbye to the packaged meal services and hello to healthy, organized family meals without all the waste. Cool, right?

Why Squarespace 7.1 was perfect for this startup.

Meal Better Invested in custom illustrations to complement their branding.

Because the two founders both have their own established businesses, it was crucial that their new endeavor be as streamlined in terms of systems as possible.

Displaying clear pricing tables is crucial for a subscription-style service.

That’s why Squarespace 7.1 was such a great fit for their startup’s website!

Once the site was professionally designed and their branding was in place, the website is an easy one to manage. When they launch it’s a couple of simple clicks to connect their meal planning app, and it all just… works!

The other takeaway from the Meal Better project that I’d like people to understand is that you don’t have to have #allthethings exactly perfect and ready when you launch. (And it’s also why Design in a Day™ rocks—it’s just… done!)

Our clients are planning on building an audience prior to rolling out the subscription service. This is a step that absolutely should not be skipped, and yet is far too often. It’s far easier to have a successful launch when people are familiar with you and have already bought into your project before you ask them to part with their cash.

Thank you to Annie and Grace for entrusting Team SM&Co with the vision for your startup—we were thrilled to bring it to life!

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