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Why I Hibernated My LinkedIn Account

Image of a tree in winter representing the hibernation of a linkedin account for blog post on the subject
In this post learn why SM & Co. took a break from LinkedIn and what a hibernated account on the platform can look like for a small business. Learn more!

This week, I chose to hibernate my LinkedIn account. This isn’t a permanent deletion, but it’s basically putting it on indefinite hiatus.

More than any social media platform, I’ve found LinkedIn to be very much Not My Place. However, I kept pushing myself to slog through it because theoretically, that’s where my audience is.

However, I’m not so certain that’s where my absolute favorite dream clients are. In fact, I’m not convinced my absolute dream clients are in any specific place. I do know that they’re on my email list. I do know that they find me via search. I do know that they’re reading my blog and my newsletter.

Why? Because when I talk to them, they tell me so!

So, when I look at the time it takes to create content, I just can’t justify the investment in networking on that website. The unpleasantness of LinkedIn is only amplified by the constant spam in my inbox sent to me by people who connect with me and the lack of responsiveness from LinkedIn to both spam and, well, even grosser behavior that happens in their inbox system.

It’s tiring and frustrating and ultimately not serving me right now. (Check out Alexandra Franzen’s writing on this subject, if you want to dig more deeply.)

Will I rejoin LinkedIn? Maybe! Will I delete it permanent? Also maybe! That’s the beauty of these things—we can change our minds as we get more information.

Update 10/22/2021: I reactivated my account with some new boundaries and strategies to use it in a more strategic manner. Time will tell.

Want to hibernate your LinkedIn account? Here’s how:

  • Click the “person” icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage and select Settings & Privacy.
  • Select Settings & Privacy again (very confusing!)
  • In the Account management section of the Account preferences tab, click Hibernate account.
  • They’ll make you tell them why you’re hibernating your account
  • Enter your password and click Hibernate account

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