The “Secret” to Building Authority Online!

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You know I’m anti-“business secrets” nonsense, so I was worried about the title of this post sounding off-brand since there’s still not a sarcasm font!

But, we do get asked the question a lot, “Now that I have a website, how to people find me?”

Kath addressed that with a broad conceptual brush recently over here. However, when pushed, the tactic I consistently recommend to folks who are serious about people finding them and building trust online is to take the content cluster approach. (Old school marketers will call this the “hub and spoke” method.)

Here’s the basic notion of content clusters: You create a website content structure that looks like a wheel with spokes. Big, broad topics (pillar posts) you’re aiming to build authority on in the middle, with spokes coming off if that main central hub. The spokes are where your narrow keyword-rich, search-focused topics live. Each of these pieces is internally linked.

The reason I love this methodology is that it also forces you to think seriously about your business strategy and audience. It’s not just “trying to rank for keywords,” it’s creating that elusive authority, and then leveraging that authority to rank for keywords you’re targeting. It’s very focused and less random or scattered than other content strategies.

Content Clusters are something that people can implement no matter what phase their business is in. Newbie? Cool, start with a pillar post related to your core mission and build from there! An old hat? No problem! You can reverse engineer the existing content on your website, and backfill to create an awesome content cluster.

Plus, it just makes sense to real humans—it’s not just trying to game the Google system. People have an “ah ha!” moment when I explain this to them because this is how they research and understand information themselves. It feels natural and comfortable.

Sound cool? It is!

There are loads of places to read about this online and everyone has slightly different approaches to the same concept, but it’s a pretty simple three-part system that just, well, works. I like this Hubspot guide, though my methodology is somewhat different (and I think more approachable and less sales-y, if we’re being honest!).

If you’re super excited about this, in June we’ll release a replay in our shop of our workshop scheduled for May 5 on Content Clusters that is part of the Ungross Marketing Community (click here to join with a discount if ongoing continuing education for your business—minus gimmicks and nonsense—is your jam).

The Ungross Marketing Community

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