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On Happiness— a Conversation with Catherine Sanderson

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Our little team is so lucky to get to work with some amazing folks—seriously, I don’t know how we lucked out, but I’m grateful every day! Last year, we had the privilege of working with Catherine Sanderson, a professor at Amherst and an expert of happiness. She literally wrote the book on happiness—you can check it out here. (She also has a new book out about why people act—or don’t—when they witness bad things happening.)

After my newsletter a few weeks back, Catherine reached out and offered to record a discussion about how to maintain happiness during these difficult times for the SM+Co community. How cool is that?!

Watch or listen to the talk below:

I appreciate your patience with the iffy video quality, Zoom has been on overload, as you can imagine, and so HD just wasn’t captured. I also managed to break my ancient mic right before our discussion—whoops! Despite that, there’s so much good stuff in Catherine’s advice and insights, so I encourage you to take twenty minutes and give it a listen.

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