Eye-popping color for CBM Group’s first website!

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I’ve been dying get get creative with color on a client’s website, but I just haven’t found the right company or organization. And then Colleen Burns, founder of CBM Group, came around and in our discovery process her comments were “Color! Color! Color!” 

Obviously, I couldn’t resist that creative brief! So, I created a concept that brought in Colleen’s branding colors–a vibrant violet and vivid aqua–in a big way, as a diagonal gradient color wash across each of her banner images, and again in calls to action in some sections. 

 OvenbirdBindery.com - Squarespace Website Design by Sarah Moon | SarahMoon.net

We did an extensive search for just the right stock photography–which was a special challenge, because while CBM Group offers B2B services, stock imagery with a business vibe can feel generic and, well, horrible. We dug deeply and found some fabulous photos that really captured the energetic, collaborative feel that Colleen was aiming for. I especially love the homepage image–I think we can all see ourselves in this photo!

 CBM Group Homepage - Sarah Moon + Co | sarahmoon.net

We also got super custom with a special element on the new CBM Group website, a “flip card” interaction that clearly explains the services Colleen’s marketing company offers. She’s positioned herself in a unique way, so we wanted to make sure that the homepage communicated that. Thus, the fun, interactive flip cards in CBM Group’s color palette. 

A lot of folks don’t realize how custom you can get with Squarespace–and this feature didn’t even require Squarespace’s Developer Platform! It’s all CSS and HTML that has a nifty module that reflows according to screen size. Cool, right?

 Flip Card Interaction on a Squarespace Website - Sarah Moon + Co, sarahmoon.net

The thing you probably can’t see on CBM Group’s new Squarespace website is that it’s really ready for Colleen to grow into.

This is something I feel incredibly strongly about. Too often websites shoehorn folks into a specific structure, layout and flow, and that’s just no good for a growing business with big plans! With this project, my overarching goal–aside from all the fun stuff with color and cool interactions–was to create an infrastructure that Colleen could build upon and she develops her company. All the pieces are there, the site is easy to maintain and it’ll be dead simple for her to add new content, such as a blog, sales funnels, or a team page. 

Check out CBM Group’s new Squarespace website at cbmgroup.com!

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