Websites should work hard—does yours?

Search OPtimized Squarespace & WordPress Website Design

Our website design program leverages our marketing know-how with an audience-first design sensibility.

A practical, yet powerful tool in your marketing toolbox, your website is a first impression, a validation of your credibility, and the ideal container for growing your visibility. We’re here to make your website do more than you’ve ever imagined.

More than a pretty face—get a strategic approach

Your website—whether you’re a using the user friendly low maintenance Squarespace platform, or diving into a technically complex WordPress system—should be the cornerstone of your marketing.

That’s why we make it the centerpiece of our done for you services. From our tried and true “Site Boost” process to our comprehensive site design and copy signature website design program, know that we’ll be laser focused on your website working hard for you, 24/7. 

No matter your tier, your website will include the following:

Note: Your deliverables are tailored to your needs, and pricing varies depending on scope, timeline, and other factors. 

Number 1

Once you’re our client, our first stop is developing your strategy. This will guide all of our implementation, as well as your team’s future marketing efforts. Remember, without a strategy, your website is just a pretty face—and that’s not enough! We’ll also assess your capacity, so we can ensure you’re using the right technical tools for your needs. As the original Squarespace® Specialists, many of our clients do choose that turnkey platform, but our capabilities extend to WordPress as well.

Number 2

Our design team creates a polished, search-driven, marketing-focused Squarespace website more efficiently than you’d ever imagine—thanks to a signature planning and preparation process. Our goal? To make the website process feel like it’s simply magic! In your refinement session with the design team, and we’ll make your tweaks and adjustments live while you watch. (See? Magic!)

Number 3

Once the website is ready to be released into the wild, we get to work on search engine optimization strategy we established, develop your topic cluster framework so you can create your thought leadership, and finesse your conversion optimizations as well. All these little nuts and bolts help ensure your website is visible and working hard for you, each and every day.

"If there was a button for 10 stars I would give it to Sarah Moon. She and her team are extraordinary value for money. My Squarespace site wasn't super straightforward but Sarah was brilliant. She helped me figure out a strategy that went to the heart of who I am and what I want to say. Her visual sensibilities are spot on. Her system of rolling out a website is really quite ingenious. I am so, so thankful I found Sarah Moon on the interwebs and if you have made it this far, just hire her already. She is a gift."

— Amanda Gersh, Copywriter & Author —

Case Study: Catherine O'Connell Law

Legal Entrepreneur & Podcaster Squarespace Website + SEO

Learn how the SM&Co team worked with lawyer and podcaster Catherine O’Connell on leveling up her brand, SEO, and Squarespace website. This project was the second time we’ve worked with Catherine—we are proud to work with many of our clients as their businesses evolve, and hers sure has changed! 

Website Design Nuts & Bolts

Are we a great match?

This is perfect for you if:

You may not be ready if:

It all starts with our Aligned Authority™ System

Are you ready for a custom website + strategy that truly works for you?

Squarespace Website Examples

We 100% design your website for you! 

We are not branding specialists—just like how your brand designer isn’t a web strategist, we aren’t brand strategists. 

We’re happy to connect you with brand designers we recommend and give you feedback on your brand designer’s proposed brand direction, though! 

If a wordmark is just enough for you, that’s fine and we can help with this—just let us know!

We’ve got a plan for that! Our alums are eligible for a discounted strategy and update session—just reach out to Sarah and we’ll send you the information. We’re there for you for the long haul. 

You will get a completely designed custom website, training, proofreading, domain mapping, basic search engine optimization and more. It’s all the pieces you need to be positioned for success and leverage your website as you grow.

Yes, WordPress is an add-on available for both Mover Shaker and Game Changer clients.

We’re completely remote! We collaborate virtually over  Zoom, plus email. As long as you do your homework (complete our questionnaires, view our tutorial videos, etc), we get to work and deliver a completed website! 

This is a 1:1 solution, which is why we can offer a custom website and VIP experience at such competitive rates. If you have a committee or team, you’ll need to decide amongst your team who the primary point of contact and decision maker will be. We are not able to mediate between your team members, as you know your business organization best!

That’s totally fine! We can adapt your five pages into a single long scroll page, plus a contact page, blog (or other database type content), and legal pages. 

We include SEO in all of our projects—this is critical even if search isn’t part of your strategy. Why? That’s because proper SEO practices also include accessibility functional and correct user experience. That’s the secret of SEO folks don’t talk about: what’s good for search engines is good for people too!

Sure thing! You can set up a two-part payment plan with us, with the second payment due 24 hours prior to your Design Day. We are also able to accept PayPal Credit (you have to apply with PayPal via a link on a special invoice we’ll send you), which allows six months of interest free payments. Let us know if you’d like a PayPal invoice with this option. (Again, we have no control over whether or not PayPal qualifies you—it’s simply an option we offer.)

Frankly, that’s never happened! Our team works with you on live refinements so you can tweak things so your site is polished and beautiful! If you are unhappy with your design, please speak up and we will work with you to determine an appropriate solution. 

Content revisions are the responsibility of the client, as we expect all content to be in final state when we receive it. You’ll receive A+ training on how to modify your content, though!

No problem! Reach out to us at and we’ll answer you ASAP!

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