Actionable insights into your Class offerings

Online Course Audit & Assessment

Leveraging our team's combined experience developing and teaching college level adult and professional education courses and programs, we help guide your passion, knowledge, and expertise into a successful student-focused learning offering.

Our program director analyzes your online course and creates actionable steps to optimize your offering for your audience—so your expertise takes center stage.

This is an immediately actionable exploration into your course structure and outcomes all bundled into a tidy understandable document, translated into plain English in a custom video explaining what opportunities are available to you to enhance your learning outcomes.

Plus, you get hands on with Sarah to strategize and implement improvements to your course offering and your market position. We help you understand our recommendations and set you up for implementing an inspiring teaching performance and successful student outcomes.

What you achieve from our Online Course Audit & Assessment.

Thought leaders and experts often launch an online course relying on their experience as a student and their expertise in their subject matter. This overlooks crucial behind the scenes work that is vital for developing inspiring and successful classes in which every student is a success story. 

We designed our assessment to have massive value and move your students’ learning in the right direction: successful students and a confident instructor.

Here are some of the questions we answer in your assessment:

.01 Clarify

What's your student transformation promise?
We call this "Learning Outcomes" in the instructional design world, and will look deeply into what's at the heart of your course. It is obvious who this course is for? Is there a match between course and students? Are your goals for your learners clearly stated?

.02 Create

Is your course content complete or are there elements that have too much or too little information?
We uncover the gaps and redundancies and find streamlined and educationally appropriate opportunities—all setting your students up for success.

.03 Cultivate

Does your pricing match your outcomes?
We help you ensure your pricing is both marketable and ethical for everyone. Does your course have a next step for a student to go in your ecosystem? We strategize with you on using the educational component to boost your other offerings.

Meet your course analyst, Joshua Moon.

I’m Josh, former adult continuing education program manager and exile from the world of higher education.
I spent many years helping instructors reach their students more effectively and efficiently.  As you probably know, professional adults are a challenging audience! They already know a lot and can be quick to get frustrated and leave courses unfinished.
Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to right the ship of your online course. Just list I did with in person instruction all those years, I’m excited to help you ensure your leaners are engaged and excited every step of the way. 
Student success equals your success—let’s take this step together.
Joshua Moon, an online course and instructional design expert, drinking coffee in Portland, Oregon

Online Course Audit Nuts & Bolts

What We Provide

What You Share with Us

What This is Not

Why We are Offering This

Course Audit and Assessment Q&A

A Course Audit & Assessment is currently $2,500 and we do adjust pricing two times per year. Two part payment plans are offered without penalty.

You receive a document with our audit and recommendations for your class, implementation strategies, and a Zoom meeting (approximately one hour) to prioritize and strategize going forward.

This offering is to successfully boost classes that have already been offered. We can help you with this though! Please see our Spark Sessions offering where we have done just that.

Reach out us, we can do this on a case by case basis and am very happy to consider it. Both Sarah and Josh have lots of experience with in-person class delivery from both teaching and administering.

We both believe that any educational opportunity should be beneficial for both the students’ and the instructor. Determining value and pricing is an art, so while we don’t judge on what classes cost is, we do look deeply in that it delivers value.

If you are telling people to take a second mortgage to pay for your class, go somewhere else, we are not for you.

In a word: No. 

This is designed as a one to one directly with a class teacher. This is for a few reasons:

  • In my two decades of experience, one thing has remained constant: strategy much have buy-in from the top. When it doesn’t, it fails.
  • Progress is slowed by too many voices in the room.

With that said, if you’re interested in this process being facilitated for your executive team, reach out to schedule an alignment call and custom quote.

Yes! We provide that in a  video recordings upon request.

We are typically booking clients four to six weeks out, though it varies seasonally. 

Level Up Your Learning

If you’re ready to move the needle in your student success so you can make a big impact and grow your movement, reach out to our team to book your Online Course Audit. 

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