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Are you a designer or creative professional who’s burned out? Productized services are the not-so-secret formula for delighting your clients and streamlining your business.

Productized services are streamlined one-to-one services that leverage systems to deliver high value solutions to your clients, while reducing friction in client communication and expectations—which means higher profit for you and happier clients. How’s a productized service different from a package? Productized services are all about repeatable systems, eliminating confusion and streamlined communication.


How it Works


Our collaboration with you takes several weeks total, with two weeks hands-on work together at set times - think Strategy and Process calls and Review sessions on Zoom. We give you time prior to your first strategy call to prep so you're ready to dig deeply into productizing your signature service. We also follow up with you after you've worked with your first productized service client to debrief and brainstorm solutions to trouble spots (because they do happen!).


Strategy Session + Process Interview

Once you’ve chatted with Sarah and we’ve decided together that this is great next step for your business, we’ll schedule a deep dive strategy session with Sarah (this includes some homework beforehand) and a process interview with Kath. We’ll make recommendations for technical systems that will make your process more effective, what opportunities we see for productization in your business, ideal audience, and what your positioning should focus on.


Process Outline

We’ll then craft a recommend process outline for you to use as a jumping off point for your new productized service. You’ll also have a brand new checklist of client scripts you’ll need to create for us to review. These mark all the touch points in your service so your communication is nailed down. Additionally, we’ll create a list of video scripts you’ll need to create for our review as well. We’ve found that walkthrough videos are 100% critical to the success of productized services.


Launch + Support

We’ll review all of your work, consulting with you as you create your scripts and templates to ensure that you’re checking all the boxes to help make your productized service a success. We’ll also provide feedback on your sales page, and your workflow. We want all of our clients to be a success story, so we’ll also check in with you after you’ve booked your first paying client and review what worked and what can be improved upon.

OMG, this productized service is all I want to do now! It creates a wonderful product for my clients and is so much less stress and less time for me. Profit-wise it blows my other, more custom projects out of the water.
— Connie Holen, Pixality Design

Productize, Systemize & Thrive:

Everything you need to launch your productized creative service.

  • Deep-dive strategy session with Sarah to discover your best opportunity
  • Process interview with Kath to make your systems more effective
  • Pricing feedback & recommendations
  • Custom process outline for your productized service
  • Custom client script checklist
  • Review of client scripts
  • Custom video scripts checklist
  • Review of your scripts/outlines
  • Sales page feedback
  • Workflow feedback
  • Debrief session with Kath & Sarah after your first client books


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Productize, Systemize & Thrive:

Plate too full? Choose Pro for implementation assistance and additional support!

  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • A second deep-dive session with Sarah about a business subject of your choosing
  • Up to five editable client scripts
  • Email support from Sarah during your first booked project so you have someone to bounce ideas off of
  • Custom sales page outline, including key messages


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 Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between a productized service and a “package”?

A package is simply a standardized custom service with set deliverables, while a productized service is all about the systems and processes that delight your clients and improve your service’s profitability.

Is this a course?

Absolutely not! This is a customized service tailored for your specific needs using the same system we used to develop our own productized service, Design in a Day™. And, yes, this consulting program is indeed a productized service of ours.

What’s the difference between the two tiers?

Essentials is the basics you need to launch a productized service. You’ll be responsible for creating all the recommended pieces within our project timeframe. Pro includes some done for you suggested verbiage, a sales page outline and more support during your first productized service work with a paying client.

Who can work with you in developing a productized service for their business?

We designed this process with creative professionals in mind. Think designers of all sorts (print, interior, user experience). However, this could be appropriate for any professional in a service-based business, such as accountants, financial planners, attorneys and consultants. We’ll want to talk to you first so that we understand your business. It is likely not a good fit for professionals who have hard inventory costs that vary from job to job. If you’re unsure, don’t be shy! Just send us an inquiry and we’ll give you an honest answer.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable displaying pricing publicly.

You’ll need to get comfortable with it! A core ethos of productized services is creating a culture of transparency so that you have a consumer-friendly buying experience for your ideal clients.

Won’t I be leaving money on the table if I productize?

You may see that some projects have reduced revenue, but your profit margins should be higher because your systems don’t need to be adjusted for each client. Think of it this way: While our custom design projects have far higher revenue, our Design in a Day™ program has the highest profit margins AND the highest client happiness quotient. We look at the cumulative line item for DIAD and see that it’s also our highest revenue “project” when taken as a whole (rather than on a per-project basis). Additionally, productized services open up your calendar so you can create info-products like courses and ebooks, offer consulting services and market your business. Truly, when done correctly, it can transform your business.

Do I have to share details about my business with you?

Yes! This is how we can help guide you in creating the right productized service for you! Don’t worry, though, we’ll keep all your information completely confidential!

Do I need special software and tools to make this work?

We highly recommend that you invest in four things to be successful with productization.

  1. Scheduling software. We love Acuity and also recommend Book Like a Boss. Scheduling is a huge friction point in client communication.

  2. A CRM tool. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it allows you to store and manage your relationships with your clients. There are industry-specific tools that may be appropriate for you. Sarah uses and recommends Dubsado.

  3. An email newsletter service. Re-engaging your clients is also crucial. We recommend a monthly or weekly topical newsletter that provide high value to your subscribers. This helps you build authority and keeps you top of mind. Sarah uses ConvertKit, Kath uses MailChimp. We know a lot of people who like MailerLite as well.

  4. A website. This may sound obvious, but you’ll need a sales page and a blog to market your productized service. Without those, you’ll be struggling. (Need a site? Check out our own productized service to do just that!)

We’ll review your tech systems during your deep-dive call with Sarah.

I have more questions.

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