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Planning & Results: a Squarespace SEO Case Study

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Recently, I was going through a client’s Google Analytics account with them and we discovered since they redesigned their website, this happened (shared/anonymized with permission):

Now, this isn’t a brag post or a sales post, but rather a lesson in being

1) extremely cognizant of your capacity and strengths and

2) creating a plan and sticking to it.

This client had a singular, focused goal of bringing in more traffic for their most profitable service. (We really urge people to think through what their one goal is.) They offer many services but there’s one that is what we call “bread and butter” service and so it made sense to build the website strategy around that service. Secondarily, we wanted to help reduce their workload by making it easier for people to immediately take action. (They received a lot of confused inquiries that were from people who didn’t need or didn’t have the budget for the sort of service they offered. Bad leads are as problematic as no leads at all—they take up time and resources that you don’t have.)

Squarespace SEO without Blogging—Possible or Not?

This particular client is fantastic at social media, but struggled to find enough time to do much more than that, due to the nature of their work. Actually sitting down at a computer doesn’t happen a lot, but a phone is always available. So, knowing that, they wanted to do as much as they could with search, but without doing our usual recommendation, which is blogging.

But, we were able to work around that by adding some “blog-like” content that somewhat made up for it, drilling down the keywords targeted on the main content pages, and then de-indexing anything that wasn’t super relevant to those strategically-selected keywords and also focusing the backend optimization on those very carefully selected keywords. We rethought the flow of the site with those keywords and a very specific audience in mind, and every element of that design was checked against the singular goal of the website.

Focused Content Efforts on High-Profit Services

Once all of that was done, Kath rewrote the main content pages, particularly targeting those keywords and the most profitable service they offered. Next, we observed that they’d been paying for some Google ads that targeted some keywords that weren’t really great for their target audience, so it could be diluting their brand. (This is where SEO/conversions/good ol’ brand strategy all intersect.)

Circling back to the client’s strengths, they rock at social media and while I’m an advocate for focusing your efforts on properties you own, social can be very effective at driving traffic to a website and building brand awareness. So, our client focused their social campaign on that highly profitable service.

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Can you see how all this SEO work keeps looping back to that singular goal?

This was all to help sell the profitable service more easily. Was this achieved overnight? Nope!

This was over the course of several months and we’d actually worked with this client for a few years and this latest work was a culmination of many conversations and strategy sessions we’d had since we first started working together.

Drilling down that goal is critical, and it takes time. 

And it takes following the plan and executing the steps consistently, tweaking as appropriate. We see so many people get frustrated with not seeing immediate “results” but when we dig in, we discover that the plan wasn’t actually followed. Be realistic about what you can and cannot handle, what you’re good at and what you aren’t so good at (I’m terrible at a lot of things!).

(Oh, and this was all done on a Squarespace website—a platform notoriously tricky for moving the needle in this way.)

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