Processing Your Images for Squarespace–The Easy Way!

Do you ever need to resize approximately 4,000 images for your Squarespace website at once? Yep, me too. And no one has time to site and manually resize every single image over and over again. The horror!

What I do is quite simple: Using the image processing feature in Photoshop, I resize my images for Squarespace in one big batch.

The is where it will really behoove you to get all your images organized, by page, and properly labeled before you ever do anything. If you do that, when you run this script, you can resize everything for your website in one fell swoop and be done!

Again, planning, planning, planning comes in handy once again.

What you’ll need:

  • Current version of Adobe Photoshop CC (I have not tried this using older versions)–you can download a free trial here. You can also subscribe to only Photoshop for $10/month, which can be very useful if you’re doing a lot of editing. I subscribe to the entire suite plus Adobe Stock. It’s kind of racket, but it’s so useful.
  • Properly organized images (I recommend structuring your folders like your website will be structured).
  • Properly named images (hint: oakland_wedding_flowers.jpg is good; img_2345678.jpg is bad).

The instructions:

Bonus: Need a watermark? There’s an easy way to add that too!

What you’ll need:

  • Current version of Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Watermark CC (free or Pro)–I like the features in the Pro version, but if you’re only using it every once in awhile, you probably don’t need it. (If you’re a web designer and watermark images for clients, spend the $30 on Pro–trust me.)
  • An image to use as a watermark (you can also use text, but it doesn’t look as nice).

The instructions:

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