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Your organization does great work—let's tell the world about it 

Ready to level-up your organization's website and make it work for you? We love working with nonprofit organizations, foundations and charities that are ready to get serious about a website approach that tells your story and helps you grow. We'll dig into your goals and craft a smart solution on WordPress or Squarespace that your team can manage down the road and use to build support for your cause.


Developing Your Nonprofit Website: What We Do

We approach nonprofit projects similarly to our custom website design process, but with special considerations for donation processing and future maintenance.

SMCO has worked with non-profit organizations in a range of fields (and Sarah worked for nonprofits prior to founding the company in 2008), and we know that budgets can be tight, and audiences can be, well, complicated. Squarespace can be a great solution for non-profit organizations needing a small to medium sized website (which, in our experience, is the appropriate size for most organizations) and who want to self-manage their website. It can also be great for non-profits and causes in the start up phase of their work, as it allows you to be nimble with content and branding in a way that others platforms do not. 

However, that doesn't mean it's right for all causes and non-profit organizations. If you're running a campaign (either for office or for a cause), you may be better served by investing NationBuilder, which has some awesome built-in tools for reaching voters.

If your non-profit relies on selling merchandise as a primary fundraiser, Shopify and its non-profit program may be for you. Or, if you're a very large organization with specialized needs, it may be time to consider WordPress with managed hosting as your web solution. 

You'll also want to have a plan in place for accepting donations. We highly recommend that all non-profits and causes not only accept one-time donations, but recurring ones as well. Squarespace does not allow this natively at this time, so you'll need to determine the best solution for handling this. Some organizations find that a simple PayPal button does the trick, while others are better served by MoonClerk, or a robust donor database system such as MemberWorks or Neon CRM. These are all pieces we consider during the project blueprint phase of your website design process. 

Finally, no website is complete without search engine optimization. We'll make sure your non-profit or foundation's website is optimized and ready to go!

Nonprofit website pricing is highly variable.
The best way to get solid pricing is by
reaching out with your inquiry—we're happy to set up a consultation call to chat.

Working with Sarah Moon + Co. was a joy and a breeze!

We had a rather tight budget and diverse stakeholders for a revamp of our website. Sarah made the transition very smooth, gave us a great product at the right price, and trained us well so that self-editing and even simple additional designs have been very easy.

Her eye for design completely matched our aesthetic and she seemed to grasp the salient parts of our organization immediately. Sarah responded quickly and positively to questions, edits, and concerns, and did so with an infectious spirit. We could not be happier with our move to Squarespace and working with Sarah Moon + Co.
— Adam Reinwald | National Lutheran Choir