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Stop Tinkering, Start Doing!

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself overwhelmed by all the choices we have—especially when it comes to tech and marketing. There are so many technical options, too many design choices, too many things to read.

What I’ve decided to do is stop tinkering and kicking around ideas and just start doing.

So, the name of the game became simplification—and this is what I preach to clients too. I’ve written about this in different contexts, particularly my lengthy piece about “done is better than perfect” which I published in this newsletter last year. That’s why we went with Podia as our technical infrastructure for on demand content, despite that I dreamed of a complicated AccessAlly or LearnDash setup (read about all the options for this sort of thing here), why we didn’t mess with complicated sales pages, funnels and nurture sequences.

We just DID.

Because without committing to simplifying and implementing, Team SM&Co would’ve kept tinkering and tinkering and still wouldn’t have gotten the meat of what we wanted off the ground. Probably more than anything I’ve done, this put me in my clients’ shoes, seeing how overwhelming all these moving pieces can be and all the decisions you have to make when launching a website, marketing campaign and even an entire business.

The cool thing about the web is that everything is dynamic.

You can change pictures, adjust your headlines, build your content through blogging (rather than having to have a page for each and every thing you can think of), freshen up your visual branding, add a CRM tool down the line—you don’t have to start with all those things.

What I recommend over and over again is to make of list of your want to haves and then have a serious conversation with yourself (all the cool kids talk to themselves, don’t you know) about which of those things are mission critical and which can be roadmapped for the future. Are there clear phases you can implement after your launch? Can you reverse engineer in the things you don’t have time or budget for right now?

When you do that, you may see the path forward to launching your new product, your new website, your blog, a new service, or whatever, is actually pretty clear. (This is why we recommend our Design in a Day™ clients launch with three to five pages—this is achievable and “build upon-able.”)

Is there anything kicking around in your head that you know in your gut is a freaking awesome idea that you see too many barriers in place to make it happen now?

Can you remove some of those tinker-able elements and complexities and just try something simple? I’d love to hear about it! Just drop a note in the comments and I’ll reply—promise!

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