Squarespace 7.1 Website Boost

This program is retired. Reach out to discuss custom website options.

we're saying goodbye to Design in a Day™

A fast fix—just for you

Our design team takes your Squarespace 7.1 (or Brine-family 7.0) website and transforms it into a polished, marketing-focused Squarespace website for you using best practices in as little as a single day—thanks to a signature planning and preparation process. Our goal? To make this process feel like it’s simply magic!

 You simply show up for your refinement session with the design team, and we’ll make your tweaks and adjustments live. (See? Magic!)

Search-first Updates

Have you realized that you need to bring in more of the right leads more often? You need search! That’s why it’s the first thing we look at when we analyze your website for improvements. Squarespace users in particular struggle to get search right—but we’re the original Squarespace SEO experts and have tested many methods so we can bring our clients the best results. 

PRactical, Yet Powerful

You’ll work closely with our design team so you’re empowered to tweak your content, refine your content strategy and make your website work for you.

The result? You can be confident that this is a professional, ready-to-go website that will grow with you. 

If there was a button for 10 stars I would give it to Sarah Moon. 

She and her team are extraordinary value for money. I used her Design in a Day™ Method website services: my Squarespace site wasn’t super straightforward but Sarah was brilliant. She helped me figure out a strategy that went to the heart of who I am and what I want to say. Her visual sensibilities are spot on. Her system of rolling out a website is really quite ingenious. I am so, so thankful I found Sarah Moon on the interwebs and if you have made it this far, just hire her already. She is a gift.

— Amanda Gersch, Author & Copywriter

This process is a great fit if you:
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Flat-Fee Pricing

Previous SM&Co Squarespace website design clients may be eligible for a 20% discount on this solution. Contact Sarah for details.

- Website Boost -

an intensive to optimize, style, & improve your Squarespace website

$ 2,550 USD
  • Half-Day Design Optimization
  • This is when the magic happens and your design comes to life. 

  • Backend SEO Boost
  • Frustrated with all the techy stuff in the back of your site? We'll fix it. 

  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Don't know an H1 from a call to action? We'll take care of that.

  • Website Audit
  • We'll fix any significant problems we flag in your site audit.

  • Live Design Refinement
  • You'll spend 90 minutes with a member of our design team fine-tuning the look at feel of your site.

  • Strategy Session with Sarah
  • We'll dive into the design strategy to make sure your business goals are aligned with the website vision. 

  • Access to Our Client Library
  • You're not alone—our materials will guide you through continuing to market yourself online. (Six months' access.)  

  • Search Optimized Content Prompts
  • You'll get a list of 5-10 Google optimized content prompts to get you started with serious search-first online marketing. 

(payment plans available, PayPal Credit accepted)
Book by Dec 15, 2021

This is a strategic, done for you solution.

We love Design in a Day™ but our team has grown and our focus has become more expansive and comprehensive. So, in the new year we’re relaunching our services to be reflective of our new capacity and vision.

Branding is not included in this solution, nor are complex graphics. 

We’ve got a plan for that! Our alums are eligible for a discounted strategy and update session—just reach out to Sarah and we’ll send you the information. We’re there for you for the long haul. 

The Design in a Day™ Method was created to serve experts, thought leaders and authorities. Examples are lawyers, consultants, writers, florists, PR firms—you get the picture. If you offer high value services to others, this is likely the solution for you!

We’re completely remote! We collaborate virtually over  Zoom, plus email. As long as you do your homework (complete our questionnaires, view our tutorial videos, etc), we get to work and deliver a completed website! 

This is a 1:1 solution, which is why we can offer a custom website and VIP experience at such competitive rates. If you have a committee or team, you’ll need to decide amongst your team who the primary point of contact and decision maker will be. We are not able to mediate between your team members, as you know your business organization best!

You will need to provide us with any updated information you need included on your website—the time involved is very variable, so it’s hard to make a good estimate.

You’ll want to also set aside an hour to strategize your site with our team. 

You’ll need to be available for approximately 90 minutes on your Design Day—that’s it! (We can also accommodate timezone differences, just reach out.)

Only if we have availability. 

This is a boost of your website, not a brand new design. Refinements will be covered in your call with a member of our design team.

You can add a handful of pages to your website for an additional fee.

Yes. Reach out to Josh to set up a payment plan. 

Please reach out to us if you’re concerned you can’t make your payment. Non-completion of your payment plan will result in your site being reverted to its previous state. 

No problem! Reach out to us at info@sarahmoon.net and we’ll answer you ASAP!


Transformed my business model! 

I knew Sarah and Kath were amazing designers from a previous site, so when I wanted to launch a new Squarespace site they were my first stop. Not only did they design a beautiful and highly functional site, but the questions they asked prior to the process and the follow-up video tutorials have added enormous value to my business. I was clear on what I offer, but floundering on how to reach the right audience.

Going through the process I feel confident that I can reach and engage the right audience with the right content with far less ongoing effort.

Plenty of hacks can create a website, but this supports and enhances my business. SM&Co is an invaluable partner for any consultant or business owner.

— Rebecca Wear Robinson, RWR Consultants