A New Strategic Squarespace Website for Human at the Helm, PR & Marketing Firm

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I love collaborating with clients who have established, successful businesses but are ready to take the next step and really level up their systems. 

My client Alex Honeysett, Founder of Human at the Helm, is a great example of this. She’d recently gone through an intensive rebranding process with the fabulous folks at Flight Design Co (if you need brand strategy, look no further) and was ready to relaunch something focused that really spoke to her audience of founders and CEOs. - Attorney Squarespace Website Design by Sarah Moon |

While Alex is a long-time PR pro, the Human at the Helm brand is new, so following her branding process, so she came ready with a strong visual identity to craft the site around. What I love about her site is that every element is very intentional. The stock photography we curated, the page layouts, and the calls to action all fit together just so, creating a strong sense of Alex’s company and—just as important—who her audience is. Founders, her target client, will see themselves in Alex’s brand and site, which is something all websites should aim to do (but it’s really hard!). 

 Custom Maze Graphic for Widman Immigration Law Firm - Sarah Moon + Co |

My favorite element of Human at the Helm is the page where we really show folks what Alex’s signature process looks like. With her amazing copy, we were able to craft a page that walks potential clients through her distinctive service that moves clients through a cutting edge, thoughtful, and purposeful public relations strategy. (In the world of online marketing gurus, it’s wonderful to know—as a former PR pro myself—that traditional public relations still has its place and is thriving under the guidance of pros like Alex.)

 Attorney Law Blog |, designed by Sarah Moon,

Like many of our Squarespace website design projects, we also helped source some stylish stock photos. Much like my own redesign, with HATH we wanted to ensure that the visuals were reflective of the client, and I love how the imagery nailed the forward thinking, committed founder that Alex and her team collaborates with. 

Check out Human at the Helm’s new Squarespace website at (and read her awesome blog for some great tips anyone can implement).

Human at the Helm falls under our custom website design offering. You can learn more about this signature process over here.

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