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Case Study: Forcefield Capital

Alternative Investment Bank Squarespace Website & SEO Strategy

We met the team at Forcefield Capital through their sister company—and our former client—Alternative Ownership Advisors. This innovative financial services company is quite likely the first and only investment bank for mission-drive companies. Needless to say, their mission was right up our alley!

Mission-First Squarespace Website Design

A startup investment bank needed an alternative approach—and that's where we stepped in.

When our former clients at Alternative Ownership Advisors told us about an investment bank for mission driven companies, we said, “Tell us more!” In short, Forcefield Capital helps companies whose owners are interested in perpetual independence, legacy, and impact. And they needed an online home to amplify their mission.

A flexible, Memorable Homebase

Our team collaborated with Forcefield Capital at launch with a nimble online home using the newest Squarespace platform, 7.1, that’s flexible enough to grow and evolve while still feeling distinctive and unique.

Forcefield came to our team with a great message, so our top task was to ensure this message was amplified by a distinctive, memorable visual experience. We wanted to ensure that there was absolutely no doubt that people who discovered Forcefield Capital knew they’d landed somewhere different. 

After all, the world’s first trust-owned investment bank needed to stand out!

Connecting the dots

Another unique opportunity the SM&Co team was challenged with was ensuring the Forcefield both stood on its own, but connected to their parent sister company, Alternative Ownership Advisors. 

The two companies are closely intertwined, but play distinct rules in helping their clients make the move to steward ownership. We used the graphics from AOA in new ways on Forcefield’s Squarespace website and adapted the color palette to reflect but not replicate that of AOA. 


"...thanks for helping us to tell our story so beautifully through our websites!"

Practical Yet Powerful

Future-focused design & strategy.

While Forcefield’s first website is—in our humble opinion—quite stylish and visually engaging, what’s most exciting is how it is built to last. 

Knowing that steward ownership can only grow, our team’s gut instinct told us to build something that will allow for additional marketing efforts, especially PR, as the field gets more notoriety. That’s why we ensured the entire website was a marketing tool that could accommodate growth down the line. 

We envision the Forcefield team being able to add nearly any feature easily and focus on content creation that educates and inspires the growing audience for alternative investment banking. 

Nuts & Bolts
Professional, Progressive, & Optimistic

When the Forcefield team told us they wanted their audience to understand that they are “professional, progressive, and optimistic,” we knew we had an opportunity to be part of something special. We made it happen with easy to use tools, and a clear message from our clients.

Number 1

A stylish, distinctive visual theme of "a new angle" makes it clear that Forcefield does things differently

Number 2

A flexible design and platform makes it dead simple for the team to make updates and adjustments as they grow.

Number 3

Careful, legally-compliant, SEO helps Forcefield get found by potential investors and media alike

We connected the visuals bank to their sister company while simultaneously ensuring a distinctive feel

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