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How the Alignthority™ Accelerator helped Natalie double her revenue

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This series highlights the incredible stories of ambitious changemakers, experts, and thought leaders. Read on to explore how we helped them transform their business and amplify their impact—on their own terms.

As told to and written by copywriter, Nailah King of The Content Witches.

MEET Natalie Bullen

Natalie is a Social Messaging, Sales, and Pricing Expert and the founder of the coaching and consulting firm Unapologetic Wealth. The business was founded in 2021, and thanks to her focus on building strong connections within her community, local and beyond, soon solidifying her as a money expert, business was booming.

Accidental entrepreneur, intentional success

Natalie’s journey into entrepreneurship is different from what you’d expect.

Despite her pursuing higher education in the hopes of landing a big
opportunity and a comfortable life—as many of us have been led to believe would happen for us—she found herself working multiple jobs, underpaid and saddled with a mountain of debt. This experience left her overworked and feeling betrayed by the so-called American dream.

Still, Natalie was never interested in entrepreneurship as she considers herself somewhat risk averse.

But when the pandemic left her without her second job and student loan payments paused, she finally had the space to explore different options. Supported by her local community, already eager to learn from her, Natalie forged ahead and explored how she could translate her expertise into a business.

Navigating changes while running a business

“I felt like Sarah was honest and direct and operated in integrity, just like I do. And if she couldn’t help me, she wouldn’t take my money. And that if she took my money, she could absolutely help. And I think those values were clear from her website. They’re clear in her copy, and they’re clear in her interactions.”

Before working with Sarah, Natalie had built her business primarily through social media, Clubhouse and Facebook being especially useful platforms to help her accelerate the growth of her audience and community.

But being ever the savvy entrepreneur that Natalie is, she recognized that having social media was a massive driver of her business thus far; she had growing concerns about building a business solely around one channel.

“I’ve had systems people and tech people and HR people come into my business, do this magic, and it works until it doesn’t work, and then all of a sudden it’s, oh, you’re gonna have to pay me several thousand more dollars to come back into your business. Whereas Sarah’s saying, no, we’re going to co-create this. I just felt like it was helping me build out marketing SOPs more than just this is a done-for-you implementation service, and you’re not going have a clue what actually happened in your business when it’s done.”

As platform interests shift from users to advertisers, as we have witnessed with many social media platforms over the years, the reality that we don’t own social media was quickly becoming something Natalie had to address.Natalie’s third concern would become very real as she needed surgery, and showing up on social media daily wouldn’t be an option.

She knew it was time to make serious changes to her marketing to put herself in the best position to accommodate and have her business continue to thrive no matter what changes to her well-being and lifestyle came her way.

Aligned peers, shared approach

Sarah’s genuine and ethical approach to supporting her clients would resonate with Natalie deeply, especially having previously worked with other consultants whose sole goal is to give partial support just to hit you up for money later.

Natalie knew Sarah was the most aligned fit because where others found faults and overly critiqued the profitable strategies that worked for Natalie, Sarah instead celebrated them and offered new ways to add to what she was doing to amplify Natalie’s online presence.

Betting on herself

“My revenue is up over 100% month over month. Like Q1, Q2, over Q1. It’s really been phenomenal.”

Since working with Sarah, Natalie’s already successful business has continued to soar.
She’s busier than ever, having to use a waitlist and earning more than ever thanks to taking advantage of several opportunities identified by Sarah, including shifting to a pricing model that was a better fit for her audience, adding a digital product page, and so much more.

Having such an exceptional client experience with Alignthority™ Accelerator has heavily influenced Natalie and helped her create new ways to make her own experience for her clients even better and more supportive intake process.

“I would say there’s been a boldness, too. I like knowing that I’m on the right track and that I can just show up more with what’s working and do less of what’s not.”

Natalie’s future continues to burn bright with plans for a new YouTube channel on the way, hosting an in-person event, working with larger corporate organizations, and generally exploring new opportunities for expanding her business.

While Natalie doesn’t self-identify as a thought leader, by taking a holistic omnichannel approach, she’s confident that she has now not only aligned but solidified herself as an authority and expert.

Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your story!

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