Welcome to a Different Kind of Membership

Are you tired of memberships and programs that are all talk and no action? Us too! That’s why we developed the Ungross Marketing Community, a membership for smart consultants, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit professionals focused on understanding strategy—the “Why”—and then taking action to get it done—the “How.” No gimmicks, no nonsense, just actionable substance.

Curious about the community?

The best way to understand the vibe of our community is by joining the email list. You’ll receive Sarah’s weekly email and see for yourself if the tone and style is for you. You may also want to take our free business blogging workshop, found here.

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Does this describe you?

Ready to take action but need guidance on getting focused?
Weary of ineffective quick fixes and ready to get down to work?
Eager to learn tested techniques and strategies from a multi-disciplinary team of online marketing pros?
Sick and tired of people telling you that the secret to business success is just "mindset"?
Searching for a supportive and serious community that will help you nurture your success?
Committed to ongoing learning and becoming empowered to take ownership of your own online marketing?

Then the Ungross Marketing Community is for you!

Each month, you'll get two live (recordings available) actionable lessons, one each from Sarah + Kath.
Members will be able to ask questions both live and within the online membership platform. (Don't worry, it's not Facebook!)
Each month focuses on a theme, ranging from search engine optimization to content strategy to pricing to conversions.
You'll also gain access to our resource library, previously only available to our one-on-one clients.
You'll also get surprise bonuses such as templates, downloads, and tutorials.

Spring/Summer 2020 Why + How Themes

Understanding and developing content clusters for authority marketing + thought leadership. (May 5)
Creating your first pillar post to boost your traffic.
The power of the FAQ blog post (think of it like an intro to Schema!).
Calls to action and conversion optimizations.
Please note: Why + How themes subject to change based on community interests and timeliness.

Continuing Education for Your Business—Each and Every Month

Grow What You Own

Learning content is focused on leveraging what you own and control: your website and email newsletter. You're building a foundation for yourself that pays dividends.

Concepts in Action

We teach the Strategic Whys and the Tactical How tos to get results for your business. It's not enough to know how, you should understand why, so you can make it yours.

Interconnected & Progressive

Because Team SM+Co are all former educators, we've developed systematic approach—so you can build on your work in the community over time.

Two Live Sessions Monthly

Too many communities are just prerecorded flashiness—we wanted to create a live, interactive membership so you could get real answers, not just platitudes. Join us 2x per month (or watch the recording).

Participation Opportunities

We encourage our community to ask questions and explore the nuances of our content. So start a dialogue in the membership portal! Some months will also have a "hot seat" opportunity to dig into tough challenges.

Bonuses + More

Our community learning library is dynamic and ever-growing—and it's yours to explore and learn from (we've been building it for years). Plus, we've got a few surprises cooked up for you, too.

Monthly Membership

a simple monthly subscription

$ 45
per month
  • Monthly Group "Why" Session with Sarah
  • Monthly Group "How" Session with Kath
  • Resource Library Access (not for sale to the public)
  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Content
  • Membership Portal Access
  • Submit Questions + Session Ideas
  • Post Work in Membership Portal
  • "Hot Seat" Participation Opportunity
  • Discount on Other SM+Co Products
Please read all policies prior to joining. Questions? Contact Josh at shop@sarahmoon.net.
Special Launch Price!

Annual Membership

get two free months + a free strategy or training session

$ 450
per year
  • Monthly Group "Why" Session with Sarah
  • Monthly Group "How" Session with Kath
  • Resource Library Access (not for sale to the public)
  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Content
  • Membership Portal Access
  • Submit Questions + Session Ideas
  • Post Work in Membership Portal
  • Priority "Hot Seat" Participation Opportunity
  • Discount on Other SM+Co Products
  • Two Months Free
  • One Free Strategy Session or Training Session ($150-$185 value)
Please read all policies prior to joining. Questions? Contact Josh at shop@sarahmoon.net.​
Special Launch Price!

Questions? We've got answers!

The Ungross Marketing Community is a group program aimed at taking our no-nonsense, actionable consulting with clients to a larger audience at an accessible price. You will be part of a larger group of members—which is actually really cool!

Sarah and Kath will each provide a lesson each month and will answer questions in the membership (within reason). You are always welcome to book individual strategy or training sessions with either one of us (as a member, you'll receive a discount). If you want guaranteed one on one help, a group membership is not a great fit.

Reach out to Sarah and we'll hook you up with a discount as a thank you! While you will have heard this material on the top level while working with us, you'll get a much deeper dive within the community. 

You may submit questions in advance and watch the replays, which will be archived and available in the membership.

Nope! You're welcome to "lurk" and learn from others?

This varies depending on the content! However, generally-speaking the "Why" session will leave you with a solid understanding of why this strategy discussed works, the desired outcome, and examples of what works and does not work. You can think of Kath's "How"session as akin to virtual coworking. For example Kath may walk you through the steps necessary to outline a content cluster, and you will work on it right along with her. Again, we've designed this membership to be flexible and adaptable, so this will look slightly different from month to month!

This is not possible at this time, but please comment in the membership if you feel you're a good "case study" example for others. You're also invited to post your work inspired by the community in the membership for everyone to learn from.

Of course! We aim to both lead and respond to the community. 

Not at all. Where you host your website doesn't matter as we help you focus on Ungross Marketing and creating a great customer experience for your own clients, readers and subscribers. Our team hosts our sites on both Squarespace and WordPress. 

Ideally, we recommend you set up a Google Analytics account for your website if you join this community.


Depending on the theme of the month, we may look at simple ways to use your data in Google Analytics to fix or update blogs, rewrite static website pages, capture organic traffic and more. If you use Squarespace or another web builder platform, the platform may offer a built-in analytics tool. You can also use this tool to test ideas, fix problems and make decisions for your business.

You'll find tutorials for accessing Squarespace Analytics, installing Google Analytics, and connecting Google Search Console in your Ungross Marketing Membership Resource Library.


This will depend on demand and interest as we gauge our team's workload. Your launch price will be grandfathered in as long as you maintain an active membership. If you cancel your membership and we're out of the launch phase and wish to resubscribe, you will need to do so at the current price. Needless to say, this is the lowest price we'll have moving forward.

Eventually some of Sarah's "Why" workshops will be available to purchase individually, if there's enough demand. You will not have access to the interactive component, member Q&As, the live seminar, nor Kath's "How" Session (which will not be available for sale individually for any reason). 

Members will receive a discount code for products found at shop.sarahmoon.net. Other discounts are available to our newsletter subscribers, so please check your weekly email from Sarah for any promotions or specials!

We'd be sad to see you go! Monthly members can cancel prior to their billing date at any time. Annual members can cancel before their yearly anniversary date. If you're not sure if a membership is your thing, we recommend starting with a monthly subscription.

Members are expected to maintain confidentiality with regard to other members' businesses or organizations. We take this very seriously. Violations of this policies will have consequences, up to removal from the community.

This is a digital product so please ask questions prior to purchase, as we cannot make refunds on this type of purchase. If you are uncertain, start with a monthly membership until you know this is for you! You're always welcome to ask us questions prior to purchasing by emailing shop@sarahmoon.net.