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Are you tired of programs that are all talk and no action? Us too! That’s why we developed our community, a membership for smart consultants, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit professionals focused on understanding strategy and then taking action to get it done. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just actionable substance.

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Thrive Together

Grow What You Own

Learning content is focused on leveraging what you own and control: your website and email newsletter. You're building a foundation for yourself that pays dividends.

Concepts in Action

We teach the Strategic Whys and the Tactical How tos to get results for your business. It's not enough to know how, you should understand why, so you can make it yours.

Interconnected & Progressive

Because Team SM+Co are all former educators, we've developed systematic approach—so you can build on your work in the community over time.

Two Live Sessions Monthly

We've created a live, interactive membership so you could get real answers, not just platitudes. Join us live 2x per month for substantive, smart content (or watch the recording). Plus we have a rotating popup strategy hour to accommodate multiple timezones.

Participation Opportunities

We encourage our community to ask questions and explore the nuances of our content. So start a dialogue in the membership portal! Some months will also have a "hot seat" opportunity to dig into tough challenges.

Bonuses + More

Our community learning library is dynamic and ever-growing. Plus, we've got a few surprises cooked up for you, too.

Monthly Membership

a simple monthly subscription, cancel anytime

  • Monthly Group Masterclass
  • Live sessions are typically on the first and third Tuesdays at 10am.

  • Open Studio
  • Stuck on applying a method to your own business? Just send Kath a Slack message and she'll consider using you as a case study that month. 

  • Exclusive Access to Bonus Content
  • We regularly post bonuses, such as a keyword research crash course, for our members. Members also get first shot at registering for our month ask us anything sessions, open to the public.

  • Membership Portal Access
  • This includes all past replays and a community Slack. 

  • Submit Questions + Session Ideas
  • This is a community-driven membership, which means we want your ideas and contributions!

  • Post Work in Membership Portal
  • Our "Show Your Work" channel in the community Slack is there for you to receive feedback on your work, brainstorm ideas, and get unstuck. 

  • "Hot Seat" Participation Opportunity
  • Got a question? We'll workshop with you live in our monthly sessions.

  • Discount on Other SM&Co Products
  • Want a 1:1 session? Members get a discount!

$ 95
per month
Please read all policies prior to joining. Questions? Contact Josh at
Questions? We've got answers!

The Ungross Marketing Community is a group program aimed at taking our no-nonsense, actionable consulting with clients to a larger audience at an accessible price. You will be part of a larger group of members—which is actually really cool!

Sarah and Kath will each provide a lesson each month and will answer questions in the membership (within reason). You are always welcome to book individual strategy or training sessions with either one of us (as a member, you'll receive a discount). If you want guaranteed one on one help, a group membership is not a great fit.

You may submit questions in advance and watch the replays, which will be archived and available in the membership. We also offer a rotating session that is on a different day/time each month!

Nope! You're welcome to "lurk" and learn from others?

This is not possible at this time, but please comment in the membership if you feel you're a good "case study" example for others. You're also invited to post your work inspired by the community in the membership for everyone to learn from.

Of course! We aim to both lead and respond to the community. 

Not at all. Where you host your website doesn't matter as we help you focus on Ungross Marketing and creating a great customer experience for your own clients, readers and subscribers. Our team hosts our sites on both Squarespace and WordPress. 

You need some way to track metrics on your website. Many use Google Analytics, but any tool to analyze behavior on your site is just fine! We now use Fathom Analytics (affiliate link), a privacy-focused analytics program, and love it.

You are welcome to join for a single month—cancellation is easy!

We'd be sad to see you go! Monthly members can cancel prior to their billing date at any time. 

Members are expected to maintain confidentiality with regard to other members' businesses or organizations. We take this very seriously. Violations of this policies will have consequences, up to removal from the community.

This is a digital product so please ask questions prior to purchase, as we cannot make refunds on this type of purchase.You're always welcome to ask us questions prior to purchasing by emailing 

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