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Hey designer! Need some good advice from someone who really gets it?

We've all been there: frustrated with processes, confused about how to grow our business, perplexed by just where we want to be. Such is the nature of growing an independent design or creative studio. There's no rule book or owner's manual for your business. That's where I come in—after ten years of figuring it out and growing SMCO into a flourishing company, I've seen it all. And I love to share and support other creative pros.


Strategy & Advice for Designers & Creatives:
Digging into Your Business


I love supporting other designers and seeing them flourish and grow. Below are some of my favorite topics to dig into with my designer clients. You're welcome to "ask me anything" about getting started and share your concerns and fears—and don't worry, all is 100% confidential. Not sure if I can help you? Reach out and ask! I promise, I don't bite and I'll always give you mine honest assessment of whether or not we'd be a good fit.

The following are a few sample topics that my designer/creative clients have dug into during our sessions.

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Design Processes & Best Practices

One of my biggest mistakes when I started out was not establishing strong processes and systems. I know better now. I love talking through best practices for client work and implementing business systems.

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Getting Started Like a Pro

Are you new to the design business world? We've all been there and it sure can feel lonely! We can spend our 90-minute session talking through what systems you must implement, what mistakes to avoid and how to build your portfolio.

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Finding Your Niche (or Not)

Niche-ing is a hot button topic for me. Many experts advocate for honing in on a specific industry, but it's not for everyone. We can explore if niche-ing may work for you and explore audience opportunities you may not be seeing.

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Pricing & Packages

Developing your base packages, "products" and a pricing scheme is one of the toughest parts of the design biz. How do you account for your time, value and expertise? Let's dig into it!

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Running a Squarespace Design Business

While SMCO is a "platform agnostic company," my status as an official Squarespace Specialist in the early days of the platform's growth has been an asset. There are specific nuances to running a Squarespace design studio, including communicating pro value on a "DIY" platform.

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Beyond Squarespace

Are you a Squarespace designer looking to expand into Wordpress? Curious about Shopify and how you can integrate that solution into your Squarespace business? I've got answers, tips and advice!

How We Help Designers & Creative Folks


1:1 Business Advice

Ever needed to chat with someone who really gets your business?

  • Up to 90 minutes to ask Sarah anything, get advise and "pick the brain" of someone who's been there.
  • Deep-dive strategy session with Sarah on a topic of your choice
  • Schedule as needed, no commitments


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Business Mentoring

If you're a designer in need of ongoing mentorship, schedule a chat with Sarah to see if you're a good fit for ongoing mentorship.

  • Business strategy workbook to assess where you're at
  • Kickoff call to set goals together
  • 2x month 60 minute check in calls with Sarah
  • Private Slack channel for just us to use to communicate during our work together
  • This is an advisory solution—for implementation, see our productized services consulting package
  • Three month minimum commitment

    $595/mo, min. 3 month commitment

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Systemize, Productize & Thrive

Work with Sarah & Kath to develop a signature productized service for your business

  • Deep-dive strategy session with Sarah to discover your best opportunity
  • Process interview with Kath to make your systems more effective
  • Pricing feedback & recommendations
  • Custom process outline for your productized service
  • Custom client script checklist
  • Review of client scripts
  • Custom video scripts checklist
  • Review of your scripts/outlines
  • Sales page feedback
  • Workflow feedback
  • Debrief session with Kath & Sarah after your first client books

    from $1,500

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