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Wine et Beauté: Squarespace Website Design

is a project of sommelier, wine expert and makeup artist Monique Benôit. Monique originally came to me because she wanted to start a Squarespace-based blog chronicling her new life in Paris.

But she quickly realized that she could use her new Squarespace website to tell her larger story, showcasing her portfolio (she’s worked in film and television makeup departments for many years, including on The Get Down, Boardwalk Empire, The Carrie Diaries, 30 Rock, Law & Order and more) but also highlighting her new work, which includes crafting wine and dessert pairings as for visitors to Paris as well as artistic makeup services for weddings. As a result, we created branding and overall creative direction for her project as well.

 Wine et Beauté Squarespace Website Design by Sarah Moon

We created a fresh, fun logo, a vibrant color palette, and–my favorite piece–a homepage that told the story of how Monique came to be an expert in both makeup and wine. I researched quotations that fit Monique’s fun, edgy style to serve as section dividers and she coordinated the perfect photoshoot in Paris to provide visuals that brought the story together.

Here are screenshots of each of the progressive panels of the homepage (click to enlarge and scroll through):

I think this project is an great example of why having a strong point of view can make such a difference in web and visual design. Monique erred on the side of boldness, and as a result, the entire project feels cohesive and also very much reflects the site owner. Potential clients will know immediately what her style is, and if it matches their own–which is so critical for service-based businesses. My thinking is that it’s much better to target the right clients versus a more vanilla approach that may not result in as great of matches, and this is the advice I give clients.

Just for fun, here are a few iterations of the design process–I love showing these to folks so you can see how the creative direction evolves (click to enlarge):

Interested in a branding and Squarespace website design project like this? Get in touch!

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