Ultimate Guide Challenge

14 Days to Plan + Create an Easy-Win authority Booster


-The Challenge-

14 days, just a few minutes each day

Would you like to:

Boost your search engine optimization (aka SEO)?
Grow your authority online and be seen as a thought leader?
Have an awesome guide at the fingertips when leads reach out with questions?
Clearly communicate your point of view on a topic in your field?
Finally get serious about content marketing (because you've been putting it off forever)?
Do all that in small, actionable nuggets, bit by bit each day?

Then you need an "ultimate Guide" Post!

This is a simple, actionable step you can take to take the first steps in a thoughtful, strategic content marketing plan. It's tough to be found online and even harder to be seen as THE authority on a subject. And we're here to show you how, with small steps over a 14-day challenge.

And if you finish? You bet we'll share your work and help your authority grow even more!

The challenge starts Oct 1, 2020! Sign up below!

FYI: By signing up, you will receive an email every single day with instructions on your challenge for each day.

Success Stories

This is a big thank you for your Ultimate Blog Challenge series! It was really great and useful to me, even though I've been blogging for a long time.
It feels so good to have that done! I really appreciate the structure and consistency of your program...the days felt manageable and scaled nicely up to the writing portions.

Your "Ultimate Guide" (uhhhh...) Guides

Sarah Moon

Web Designer/Newsletter Evangelist/Content Marketing Nut
Co-Founder, Ungross Marketing Community

Kath O'Malley

Kath O'Malley

Copywriter/Trainer/Blogging Wiz
Co-Founder, Ungross Marketing Community