The Luminary

A Mastermind Experience from Natalie Bullen & Sarah Moon

Are you tired of being the smartest person in the room? Weary of being the defacto co-coach in every program you join?

That's why we created the Luminary Mastermind.

We met in one of those programs—too much curriculum, too few high achievers, not enough elevated co-creation and true, traditional mastermind work.

And while we’re so happy we joined that not so great program because it led to our friendship (and becoming each other’s clients), we put our heads together and decided that instead of complaining that there’s nothing out there for ambitious, focused, intelligent business owners to grow together, we’d create one ourselves.

Join marketing/business strategist and organic search expert Sarah Moon and sales siren, messaging wizard, and pricing expert Natalie Bullen in a groundbreaking 6-month mastermind experience to elevate your business to unprecedented heights—on your terms.

If you’re at a place where you need a vetted advisory board, high level peers with mature minds and space to network, this is IT!

Reaching your goals alone is doing it the hard way.

We offer a powerhouse combination of strategy and master tactical expertise that will transform your business in unexpected ways.

In The Luminary, Sarah Moon brings her unrivaled expertise in strengths-based marketing strategies and SEO for knowledge businesses. 

The Sales Siren and pricing expert Natalie Bullen will guide you through value-based selling, persuasive negotiation techniques, and strategic pricing strategies.

Sell confidently, step into your authority, market yourself and your company with ease, command premium rates for your expertise, and maximize your impact so you can create wealth and legacy—however you define it.

Join a group of fellow powerhouses to mastermind with and embrace the spotlight and unleash your authority.

Through live mastermind sessions, personalized coaching, and resources as you need them, you’ll receive tailored guidance to overcome obstacles, tap into your full potential, and build a thriving business that reflects your passion and expertise.

The Luminary is a supportive community where your unique strengths are celebrated. It’s time to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, share insights, and gain valuable connections.

Our Promise

As facilitators of the Luminary, our commitment to the cohort is:

We will show up fully present to each mastermind session
You will never receive a "cookie cutter" one size fits none answer
We will promote an inclusive space where you will be heard
You will always receive honest and clear feedback—even if it's difficult
We will maintain confidentiality of anything you share
We will curate a diverse cohort of participants so you can expand your network and thinking
You will benefit from all the tools in our toolkits (we won't hold back)
We will bring a fresh flow of ideas to your business—that make sense for you
You will be (gently) pushed to reach higher, and think bigger—because the world needs your voice
Your Commitment

Masterminds are only as great as their parts—as a Luminary, we ask that you:

You will give as much as you receive
You will maintain confidentiality of your peers
You will listen and allow others to be heard
You will respect our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion
You will be clear in your goals and share what we need to know to support you
You will bring an open mind and willingness to hear advice
You'll join with a desire to think big for yourself and others
Natalie Bullen Leaning Against a Desk

Natalie Bullen, Unapologetic Wealth

Sales Siren. Queen of Social Messaging. Master Tactician. Owner of an MBA. Pricing Wizard. Former Licensed Financial Pro.

As you can tell, Natalie can basically do it all (except ride a bike!). And she really, really wants you to have it all—whatever that means to you.

That’s why she founded Unapologetic Wealth and went from working two (underpaid) jobs to thriving sales coach, pricing expert, and messaging strategist in no time flat. 

Natalie will help you solve your most frustrating challenges with ease and simplicity, while pushing you to think bigger and bolder every step of the way.


Sarah Moon, SM&Co

Marketing Expert. Business Strategist. Framework Enthusiast. Slayer of Search Engines. Former Public Information Officer.

Sarah’s first love is looking at the big picture and figuring out the perfect road to get you there—on your terms. 

In her two decade long marketing career, Sarah quickly learned that the marketing lessons we’re taught aren’t designed for authorities, big thinkers, and change-markers, so it’s on us to invent new ways of doing it. And that’s where the fun starts. 

Sarah will use her research smarts and strategic brain to support you in creating a system that moves you to the next level in your business—and beyond. 

Luminary Mastermind FAQ

This may be for you if you are:

  • A subject matter expert interested in contributing to meaningful, deep conversation
  • Tired of being the smartest person in the room.
  • Sick of being the co-coach in every program you join.
  • Burned out using other people’s frameworks and not your own.
  • Interested in your very own advisory board, where you can get targeted, quick support.
  • Already in a coaching program or in between coaches and looking for a vetted circle of peers from different industries
  • Willing to make a low-five-figure investment into your personal development
  • Ok with being vetted/interviewed for a spot (we truly want this to be a MasterMind, which only works if everyone is high-level)

We will meet twice per month for six months, and you will have access to an online community as well. 

It will span six months, beginning in January 2024.

Because every industry and business is different, we will be considering each application individually and not using a blanket guideline. However, this is not for you if you’re struggling to make sales or experiencing hardship in your business. There will be other opportunities for you when the time is right!

While an application does not mean you must join, we ask that you apply only if you intend to become part of this cohort.


We WANT a variety of entrepreneurs in this mastermind! We plan on intentionally creating a cohort of diverse leaders for this mastermind. 

All gender identities are welcome in this space. 

The mastermind is $12,000. Upon approval of your application, a commitment deposit of $2,000 is due, with the balance payable when we finalize the mastermind cohort.

A payment plan is available.

It will be a small, purposefully curated, cohort of no more than 15.

While Natalie and Sarah both use coaching techniques in their work, this is not a group coaching program. This is a high level, professionally facilitated mastermind of peers. 

Because this is a mastermind, there is not a set curriculum or coursework. We will provide materials from our respective resource libraries as the cohort needs them, however. 

Yes, we’ll record the calls for you to revisit as needed.

We will want to get to know you and your goals. This isn’t a job interview—promise! Sarah and Nat are loads of fun to talk to, which is a bonus!

Ready to become a Luminary? Apply today!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to join forces with two luminaries in their respective fields. Elevate your business, amplify your influence, and embark on a transformational journey with The Luminary.