Squarespace SEO Mastery

Course Launches Q1 2022


Get the Inside Scoop on Squarespace SEO​

Are you ready to go dive deeply into improving your Squarespace website’s position in Google? It’s totally doable! You just need the right mix of strategy to make it happen. We’re the original Squarespace SEO experts and have helped many clients improve their rankings and get found on Google. 

You can do it! 💃🏻


Go beyond simple technical guidance

Most Squarespace SEO guidance focuses on technical elements only. And, of course that’s important. However, it’s not enough! We’ll tackle the technical bits, of course, but also the other two pieces of a successful SEO plan. 

Long story short, you need strategy to really make your site fly! 🛫


Squarespace Designer? We've got you!

Know the basics of Squarespace SEO but need more to make your services more marketable? Looking to add higher ticket services to your practice? Join the special designer track and we’ll help your studio’s potential. We’ve got scripts and tactics to make your life easier.

Say goodbye to reinventing the wheel and Googling for answers! 👋


Strategic Guidance from the Original Squarespace SEO Experts

For Everyone

360º SEO

Most SEO programs just tackle the technical details, leaving you without the rest of the keys to Google success. We're not about that life!

Understand How Squarespace is Different

Squarespace has some unique quirks when it comes to search. We'll dive into the nuances.

Quick Hits You can Implement Right Away

Watch and implement—in no time, flat. While SEO is a long game, you can quickly make simple improvements that'll support you right now.

Keyword Magic

Finding the right keywords is an art and a science. We'll show you how using our favorite tool.

Converstion-Optimized Metas

Your metas have keywords? Great! Now let's make them better so they convert in Google!

Schema Secrets

Squarespace has some schema built in, but you can do more—Sarah will show you how!

Add: Design Studio Track

Client Scripts

Squarespace doesn't do what they need to do to help you communicate to your clients about SEO. We'll help you with that.

Google Core Vitals

We'll get in the weeds and talk about how to talk to your clients about Google Core Vitals.

Technical Audit Know-How

Technical audits are great, but your interpretation for your clients is critical. We'll show you how.

Quick SEO Calculations

Want to help clients see how much traffic they really need? It's actually a simple calculation you can use as a sales tool or in your SEO projects.

Document Templates

Documentation is critical to both you and your clients. It doesn't have to be hard—that's why you need a system.

Deliverable Inspiration

It's up to you on how you sell Squarespace SEO—we'll dive into your options.

I approached Sarah because I was looking to expand my marketing strategy and start taking SEO seriously. She audited my Squarespace site and did keyword research to help me rank higher in Google’s search engine! After the audit, Sarah gave me actionable steps that took the overwhelm out of SEO. I’m now ranking on the first page for “social media coach” and “social media coaching packages” and get traffic and leads every day because of her help! Sarah will always be the SEO expert I go to for guidance and website/content strategy!

— Jamar Diggs, Sales & Marketing Coach


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Sarah Moon

About Sarah

Sarah Moon is the founder of Sarah Moon & Co and one of the original Squarespace Specialists. She’s mentored countless clients and designers on implementing SEO effectively on Squarespace websites as part of her Aligned Authority™ model, which focuses on engineering your own luck thanks to audience understanding, smart content strategy, the magic of keywords, and a comprehensive 360º approach to online marketing.

Sarah Moon & Co is a Portland, Oregon-based small boutique website design & business strategy firm that helps consultants, startup founders, lawyers & other experts market themselves online. We specialize in Squarespace & WordPress website design & development, content strategy and search engine optimization.

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