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A New Squarespace Attorney Website for Widman Immigration Law

I was so excited to work with Attorney Erick Widman to overhaul his law firm’s site. Erick originally worked with me last year on improving the search engine optimization on a Squarespace website he’d DIYed, but as we worked together, he decided that a professionally designed site was what he needed. - Attorney Squarespace Website Design by Sarah Moon |

Like many of my clients, Erick had a WordPress website built a few years ago, but now it was time for to level up his website so it could be a strong marketing tool and informational tool for years to come–and so that he and his staff could easily update it. We worked together to not only create a strong design for his site, but built out infrastructure in the form of both a blog and a custom ConvertKit template. Every element on this site and its associated pieces is expandable and grow-able, which is what I love doing for my clients!

Widman Immigration Law Firm provides legal representation and consultation for all kinds of immigration issues. And, what’s really interesting about their firm is that while they serve the local Portland area, they also work with clients virtually. So, it was important to highlight the tech-savvy nature of Erick’s practice. With that in mind, we planned the new Squarespace site as not only an informational website about the services their team offers, but as a real resource for navigating the complexities of the U.S. Immigration maze.

 Custom Maze Graphic for Widman Immigration Law Firm - Sarah Moon + Co |

One of my favorite elements of the site became an accidental signature feature, too. This is the graphic above with the muted maze texture. Erick grabbed onto the way he could integrate the maze metaphor (immigration law is massively complex), reinforcing how his firm can guide clients through the immigration maze. Cool, right? 

 Attorney Law Blog |, designed by Sarah Moon,

Like many of our Squarespace website design projects, we also helped curate visuals, though Erick had quite a few that were great already. If you take a peek at his site, you’ll see that we play on the notion of “journeys” throughout with the photography. 

There’s more to come as the team at Widman builds out their content, so keep an eye on what they’re doing! Like I mentioned, we integrated ConvertKit, which is an incredible tool if you want to get really granular with your audience and deliver content that’s highly relevant to their interests–I’m super pumped about seeing those efforts unfold as well.

Thank you to Kath O’Malley, aka the Squarespace Designer’s BFF, for her help on this project!

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