The following are experts in the Squarespace platform that we recommend.
We believe in community above competition, so we’re always thrilled to give a shout-out to awesome folks.

  • Sarah Moon + Co - Our Design in a Day™ process is currently Squarespace-based.

  • Kath O’Malley - Kath isn’t a designer, she’s an awesome trainer who works with us!

  • Solmark Creative - Jenni & her team specialize in websites for the wellness industry.

  • Squareflair - Alan is a longtime Squarespace expert who does very impressive development on the platform.

  • Pixality Design - Another awesome design studio focused on the fitness space.

  • Maia Hariton - Maia is a kind and creative lady who’s super code savvy too!

  • Christy Price - Christy focuses on websites and training for small businesses and has a lovely style.