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Listen to Sarah on Counsel Cast

I was recently thrilled to join my friend Karin on her podcast, Counsel Cast.

While Karin’s podcast is geared towards attorneys specifically, anyone who works with other people will likely find use from this interview. If you’ve ever had the feeling there’s a better way to align your pricing model with your working style, there are insights in this conversation that will serve you.

Notably, we cover the following:

  • The biggest stressors when it comes to pricing
  • Different types of pricing models
  • The core differences between intensives and retainers
  • The challenge with only billing hourly

Watch a snippet below:

You can get the show notes, links mentioned, and more over on the Counsel Cast website.

Listen on your favorite podcast apps:

👉 Apple Podcast:
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👉 Google Play:
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👉 YouTube:

Be sure to listen to the end to access an awesome new freebie from SM&Co. It’s a good one—promise.

More on pricing, packaging and productizing:

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