We’d Like to Review Your Website (New freebie!)

Have you been curious how your website stacks up to the competition? Wondering if you’re using best practices? Are you landing with the right audience?

Our December AMA is a gift to our audience to get some free feedback on your website!

Join our Crowdcast on December 16 and submit your site to be reviewed (this isn’t a mean “teardown” but there will likely be constructive feedback) at the link below:

powered by Crowdcast

To be considered for a live website review, you must:

  1. Use the ask a question feature in Crowdcast
  2. Submit your website URL in the ask a question box
  3. Describe your primary website challenge (not a technical one)β€”for example, are you attracting the wrong leads, unsure about how to get started blogging, not clear on if your portfolio is working for you…

This will be pretty informal, but we hope to provide participants with some immediate actions they can take in the new year! There are no strings attached, except you’ll be added to my mailing list (which is full of great stuff anyway).

Disclosure: Please note that some links on this website are affiliate links, which generates a small amount of revenue to support the free content we provide.

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