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Design by Naomi Squarespace Commerce Website

While some of my favorite projects let me play with vibrant colors and eye-popping imagery, I was thrilled to step up the the recent challenge of creating a Squarespace website with a minimalist aesthetic: Design by Naomi.

 Design by Naomi: Minimalist Squarespace website for an interior design company.

Naomi, a photographer, inherited boxes and boxes of her grandfather’s slides of Europe and Asia. She’s given them new life in the form of beautifully-designed high quality pillows made in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

She’s starting out selling on Etsy, but made the very smart move of simultaneously establishing her product line under her own website and brand. (Etsy sellers can struggle with brand identity due to the site’s massiveness, and this is a good way to help mitigate this phenomenon.) With plans to eventually expand to a more robust commerce offering, her site has all the infrastructure in place for when Naomi is ready to make that next step. 

The color palette was the trickiest element of the design–we wanted the site to feel minimal, a reflection of the colors and textures present in the pillows Naomi creates. But, we didn’t want it to look stark or harsh. The result was creams and browns on the warm spectrum with a vibrant pop of cinnabar for a twist of the unexpected. 

Because Naomi is an extremely skilled photographer, she was able to photograph styled banner images with utmost precision and it really shows in the final website. 

Because we wanted to communicate the uniqueness of Naomi’s creative process, the page that received the most specialized attention and customization was her process page. This told the story of the creation of the pillows from beginning to finished product and really brought the whole intergenerational nature of Naomi’s creations to the forefront from me. 

Want to learn more about this project? Check out the complete project story over here.

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